Best Apps To Report Instagram

5 months ago
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Most social media platforms have an analytics dashboard for measuring each post's effectiveness and engagement rate.

You will not find this option for normal Instagram users unless you create a business profile account or upgrade your regular one.

Fortunately, there are plenty of analytics tools that you can use. The only challenge is to find the best apps to report Instagram.

Today, we will look at some social tool recommendations to help you track key metrics and identify opportunities for improvement.

Best Apps To Report Instagram

With the correct data collection process, making the appropriate marketing decisions and strategies to grow your online presence will be easier.

Check out the following apps:

1. Iconosquare


Iconosquare is a powerful Instagram app, initially known as Statigram, founded in France in 2011, featuring ten key metrics.

By 2015, Statigram became one of the most-visited sites, with ten million registered users worldwide, changing its name to Iconosquare.

Key Features

Iconosquare is an actionable social media analytics tool specializing in social media monitoring, ideal for online marketers.

The app allows easy managing and reporting of an account's overall performance.

  • Advanced Social Media Analytics

Boost your social media performance with precise analytics and data-driven posts. Get a customized dashboard for quick visualizations of essential metrics and scheduled reports.

  • Multi-Profile Management

Handle multiple social media profiles for different brands and users within a customized dashboard for a quick overview of each account's metrics.

  • Powerful and Intuitive Scheduler

The Iconosquare scheduler automatically lets you post Instagram stories and other content at the right time and use it to your advantage.

  • Competitors and Industry Tracking

Iconosquare offers hashtag and competitor tracking to compare your account's performance from topics and people in your industry.

  • Quick and Easy Reporting

Sharing vital metrics with essential people in the marketing industry is necessary. Create and automate your reports with Iconosquare and send them over or download a PDF or CSV file.

  • Available on Smartphones

The Iconosquare app is available for download for iOS and Android mobile devices.

Iconosquare Pricing

Iconosquare has three pricing levels with a 14-day free trial offer. If you are a professional marketer or have a small business, the Pro plan at $59 per month is for you.

You can also subscribe to the Advanced plan suitable for marketing teams for $99 per month.

If you have a large social media team or an agency, you can contact the Iconosquare support team for assistance.

2. Crowdfire


Crowdfire specializes in curating content connected to your industry and providing image and article recommendations.

It's a simplified social media management tool, allowing marketers to measure performance, schedule posts, and track brand mentions.

Key Features

Crowdfire, previously named JustUnfollow, offers valuable features to help you make educated decisions regarding your account.

  • Content Curation

Crowdfire makes it easier to curate articles from different sources, including customized RSS feeds.

It's the only management tool providing image curation approved by all creators that you can share on your Instagram account.

Quickly get recommendations according to your selected topics, making creating and posting content or Instagram stories easier.

You can connect your other accounts, whether an e-commerce store, a blog site, or a YouTube channel.

This connection makes it more convenient to make a blog or video announcements or schedule product updates directly from Crowdfire.

  • Publish

You can stay on top of your game with publishing and post scheduling everywhere, including Instagram, Facebook pages, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and Twitter, straight from Crowdfire.

Never forget to publish content again by scheduling it in advance. Set the date and time and let the app do it for you.

Also, Crowdfire will provide you with a preview of its curated content before publishing it according to each social media platform's specifications.

You can choose the best time to post your content or opt for the app's automatic recommendation.

Also, try to utilize Crowdfire's queue meter to know If you have enough content to keep your account active for the following days.

  • Analytics

Crowdfire's report builder feature allows you to create custom professional reports using highlighted data points.

The app's advanced analytics allow you to understand ROI better and help you find strategies that will work, including Instagram reels length.

You can also compare your account standing through the competitor analysis by checking their top posts and identifying their working strategy.

It's even better to check your analytics overview daily to monitor your follower count and engagement rate, ensuring that you are still on track.

  • Mentions

Mentions is Crowdfire's excellent customer service tool notifying you of every comment, mention, or reply in one inbox.

The app features an instant reply option, allowing you to respond with gifts, images, and videos. You can also reply while on the go using Crowdfire's mobile application.

Crowdfire Pricing

Crowdfire offers a free plan with up to three social accounts to manage but with limited features.

Then there are the paid plans starting with the Plus plan for $9.99 monthly for small businesses and solopreneurs.

It's followed by the Premium plan for $49.99 monthly for medium businesses and the VIP option for $99.99 monthly for large companies and agencies.

3. Instagram Insights

Instagram Insights

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Instagram Insights is the platform's free analytics tool specializing in follower stats and mentions available for business and creator accounts.

This tool will show you which among your posts are popular when your followers are on Instagram and your profile's reach and impressions.

The app only works inside the Instagram mobile app but provides an excellent analysis overview of your profile and post performance.

Key Features

With Instagram Insights, you will know how your audience took in your content and the overall trend among your followers.

From your profile on the mobile app, you can view recent highlights, your shared content, and Insights overview, including total followers, account reached, and engagement.

You can check the summary and the tappable metrics on the insights page, leading to different detailed screens.

There's a drop-down menu for a custom or preset timeframe in the last 90 days for choosing an insight to view.

Insights Terms and Meanings

Here are the standard terms used in Instagram Insights and their simple definitions.

  • Accounts Engaged

The accounts engaged metric is the estimated number of users interacting with your content.

It also shows the breakdown of your engaged audience demographics, including top age ranges, cities, countries, and gender.

You can even see if the viewer for your Instagram Live posts or stories is a follower or non-follower.

  • Accounts Reached

This metric means the estimated number of profiles who viewed your content at least once on the screen and their demographics.

For Instagram reels, a user may view your content without playing and will count under account reached.

Impressions differ from reach; the system counts each view even if the same account watches it.

  • Ad

This insights section would offer more details about your posted content is enhanced.

  • Content Interaction

This insight part is about the activity people make as they engage with your post, including comments, likes, replies, saves, and shares.

  • Content You Shared

The content you share are the ones you posted and boosted on your feed, videos, and stories, within a selected timeframe. Since the app only stores so much information, you can only check posts and boosts done in the last 90 days.

You can see all your posted content on your account by tapping the content type to open your media library.

It is where you can see and filter everything in your media library via interactions, reach, time frame, and type.

  • Overview

The overview is where you find engaged and reached accounts, the appropriate earnings from posts for the last 90 days, and the total follower count.

  • Plays

The number of plays accounts for every time someone clicks on your video or whenever it starts to play automatically.

  • Recent Highlights

This insights section is where you find announcements regarding increases in your profile's performance in the last 90 days based on your chosen timeframe.

  • Total Followers

When you have a minimum of 100 followers, you can check the insights flow across your followers.

These insights include the age range, your account growth, their active times on Instagram, and their top locations.

4. Keyhole


Keyhole specializes in hashtag analytics, helping customers make better decisions using social media data.

The app helps automate social media analytics for marketers, journalists, executives, and agencies.

Key Features

Keyhole offers critical metrics for your Instagram account like competitor and follower activity and top hashtags by engagement.

  • Influencer Tracking and Analytics

This influencer analytics is ideal for marketers, helping them identify how an influencer impacts their campaign goals by generating credible data for their reports.

Also, Keyhole ensures that these marketers are dealing with the right influencers to promote their brands.

  • Profile and Competitive Analysis

Grow your brand and stay ahead of everybody by using profile analytics on one platform. Use accurate tracking in spying on your competitor and build precise industry standards.

  • Hashtag Tracking

Track hashtags accurately from different social networks using one dashboard and create reports in real-time about your influencer's impact on your campaign.

  • Social Publishing and Scheduling

Easily plan and execute your social media posts and strategies using Keyhole's social publishing feature.

Keyhole Pricing

According to its website, Keyhole offers custom pricing for your business, whether a small agency or a global brand.

Which App Is Best for Reporting Instagram?

All successful campaigns and strategies need the best apps to report Instagram in addition to goal settings, implementation, and refinement.

We know you need to increase your follower base, likes, and views to grow your online presence.

But using one of these Instagram analytics will help you keep track of your profile's current standing.

If you have to choose a paid app, we recommend Iconosquare.