Best Instagram Business Books for Aspiring Social Media Marketers

5 months ago
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Instagram is a popular social media platform with more than a billion active users and is considered the best network for building a brand.

Although it's a new platform, Instagram is becoming a fast-growing trend for marketing and promotion.

Some Instagram users try to increase their online presence by buying followers, likes, or views.

Others try to learn its marketing potential by reading the best Instagram business books they can find.

One great option for a standard Instagram account is to turn it into a business one and maximize its promotional features.

Best Instagram Business Books

Today, we will look into the marketing effort of Instagram through different business books written by digital experts.

Choosing any business and social media marketing books will improve your Instagram efforts.

1. Instagram Influencer by Jeremy Barton

How To Build Your Personal Brand and Reach One Million Followers …in Target!

ISBN-10: 1670061906

Instagram Influencer by Jeremy Barton

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First published in December 2019, Instagram Influencer by Jeremy Barton has 278 pages written in English.

It discusses the difficulties of creating and promoting a profitable brand but provides an excellent guide on becoming an influencer.

Additionally, the book will teach you how to optimize your profile and discover the impact of using hashtags to attract followers.

You will also learn a daily routine for increasing your engagement rate as you maximize the power of influencers and shoutouts.

Moreover, the book provides helpful tips for growing a direct sales business using Instagram Stories and Lives.

2. Ultimate Guide to Instagram for Business by Kim Walsh-Phillips

ISBN: 1599186020

Ultimate Guide to Instagram for Business by Kim Walsh-Phillips

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The Ultimate Guide to Instagram for Business by Kim Walsh-Phillips is an English book with 228 pages, published in May 2017.

Kim Walsh-Phillips is a strategist and social media marketing guru showing business owners, marketers, and practitioners how to invest in Instagram.

The book will teach you how to sell more on Instagram via cross-platform branding and practical blueprints.

You will learn how to set up a marketing funnel from your Instagram account and convert your followers into customers.

Additionally, the author teaches you how to run effective and lead-generating campaigns using exclusive contests, product launches, and trending hashtags.

With the author's 21-day blueprint, you will have a comprehensive guide to growing your brand and gaining more followers.

Maximize your Instagram brand and have a competitive advantage to reach celebrity status easily.

Also, effectively drive sales and grow your follower base by posting the correct Instagram stories and Live videos.

Give your followers a reason to take action and become one of your visual shoppers through the strategies and other resources from this book.

3. Instagram Power by Jason Miles

Build Your Brand and Reach More Customers With Visual Influence Second Edition

ISBN-10: 1260453308

Instagram Power by Jason Miles

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The revised second edition of Jason Miles' Instagram Power came out in March 2019 with 288 pages, believing that Instagram is an excellent marketing channel.

It features comprehensive steps on creating an Instagram profile, monetization methods, and integrating your marketing approach to your account.

As Instagram grows, it now comes with advanced marketing capabilities that are hard for intelligent marketers to ignore.

Hence, the book's revision with its 15 new chapters teaches you how to take advantage of Instagram's unique features.

These features include IGTV, Insights, Instagram Ads, Shop-able posts, and Stories.

This book will also teach you how to create an effective marketing plan and strengthen your business.

4. From Mopping Floors To Making Millions on Instagram by Ronne Brown

5 Steps To Building an Online Brand

ISBN-10: 1682615367

From Mopping Floors To Making Millions on Instagram by Ronne Brown

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Ronne Brown, a mother to four children, wrote this 160-page book about cracking the Instagram code and released it in July 2018.

She was a teenage mom who resigned from her job and became a multimillionaire by building several online brands.

She transformed her life with a mantra of no excuses and started to learn and use monetization methods on Instagram.

Her perseverance in the platform led her to stop an endless loop of working menial jobs.

This book will teach you how to form a business on Instagram by following the author's simple instructions.

She also shared her learnings about what and what not to do when creating a business online through social media.

Furthermore, you will learn how to increase your sales through audience engagement and convert them into customers.

You will also understand how to get new followers and build long-term relationships with customers while avoiding common mistakes in the business.

Ronne Brown has coached thousands of online marketers worldwide using her straightforward guidelines.

5. Instagram Secrets by Jeremy McGilvrey

The Underground Playbook for Growing Your Following Fast, Driving Massive Traffic & Generating Predictable Profits

ISBN-10: 0692873953

Instagram Secrets by Jeremy McGilvrey

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The Instagram Secrets book does not discuss increasing comments, likes, and views. It will not teach you which hashtag to use on your post.

Alternatively, the author offers a formula for gaining a large following fast and converting them into paying customers.

Traditionally, social media users would spend a fortune to increase their following, make a post viral, and learn how Facebook Ads work.

This book breaks the tradition these online entrepreneurs used to follow to grow their social media brands.

The author believes anyone can attract their target leads for a higher profit by making minor adjustments to landing pages, sales funnels, or websites.

Having plenty of followers is useless if there is no monetization. Even getting leads without generating sales means nothing.

The author got his inspiration from Jason Stone or @Millionaire_Mentor and his success story using Instagram.

6. One Million Followers by Brendan Kane

How I Built a Massive Social Following in 30 Days

Growth Hacks for Your Business, Your Message, and Your Brand From the World’s Greatest Minds

ISBN-10: 195066547X

One Million Followers by Brendan Kane

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This 256-page book, released at the height of the Covid-19 pandemic in November 2020, provides timely guidelines when everyone is seeking online audience attention.

Brendan Kane is a social media expert who built an online following from scratch within 30 days.

Even well-known brands like IKEA, MTV, Skechers, and Vice, have sought his advice about increasing their engagement and digital audience.

All digital entrepreneurs want to stand out among other sellers and make an impact online.

As a digital strategist, the author was tasked to create online platforms for famous artists like Rihanna and Taylor Swift.

The author shared his strategy for gaining online followers from zero through this expanded and revised book edition.

You will also learn how to create unique, valuable, and personal content to engage your target audience.

Readers will get tips on forming a multimedia brand using various platforms, including Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and YouTube.

Moreover, Brendan Kane shared tips regarding direct marketing, e-commerce, lead generation, and how to increase revenue.

The book also features the author's comprehensive interviews with different personalities, including marketing experts, influencers, and celebrities.

Become an influencer and build a global brand while utilizing social media as you follow the guidelines from Brendan Kane's One Million Followers.

7. Instagram For Business For Dummies by Jenn Herman, Eric Butow, and Corey Walker

Second Edition

ISBN-10: 1119696593

Instagram For Business For Dummies by Jenn Herman, Eric Butow, and Corey Walker

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If you are new to digital marketing, this 368-page new edition of Instagram for Business for Dummies is suitable for you.

The book is written by three marketing experts who can teach you how to create a profitable Instagram account for business growth.

You will learn how to write winning captions and engaging content in the practical and straightforward language of the book.

This latest edition, released in January 2021, focuses on using Instagram's advanced features when promoting your brand and showcasing your product.

Some of its powerful business tools include advanced analytics, devoted business profiles, and shoppable posts.

The book will teach you how to upload content and maximize Live videos and IG Stories. You will also discover how to create and target paid advertising.

Lastly, you will understand how to use hashtags to your advantage in all your posts.

8. Instagram Stories by Jason Heiber

The Secret ATM in Your Pocket - Financial Freedom Between Your Thumbs

ISBN-10: 1080821570

Instagram Stories by Jason Heiber

Image Source

This 117-page Instagram Stories book, released in July 2019, discusses using IG Stories for storytelling, market research, lead generation, and engagement building.

The author, Jason Heiber, will teach you how to capitalize on Instagram and build a viable business set on auto-pilot.

Instagram Stories is a powerful platform for engagement, turning a profit, and entertainment for your personal and business growth.

This book discusses the following aspects:

  • Passive income streams: uncovering secret treasures in IG stories
  • Active income streams:  building automated financial freedom
  • Engagement over followers: talks about its importance and how it can lead to success
  • Essential guide: multiple ways to increase engagement
  • Your tribe is your net worth: explains the difference between tribe and followers and why it is necessary
  • Psychology of Instagram engagement: understanding engagement for capitalizing on tribe or followers
  • Storytelling: why IG stories are powerful
  • Market research: doing market research through IG stories
  • Blueprint: plan to grow Instagram engagement and tribe to paying customer conversion

Which Is the Best Instagram Business Book for You?

These are some of the best Instagram business books authored by social media experts who have proven their marketing success online.

Each book provides exceptional insights and marketing tips about Instagram so users can enjoy its benefits.

Whether you are a content creator, an online business owner, or a digital marketer, buying one of these books will help your brand.

If you’re just about to start your marketing journey on Instagram, we suggest you learn what influencers do by reading Instagram Influencer by Jeremy Barton.

However, if you want to dive right into the technical aspects of lead-generating campaigns, check out Kim Walsh-Phillips’ Ultimate Guide to Instagram for Business.