Best Instagram Feed Planner: 5 Apps to Make Your Engagement Soar

4 months ago
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Finding the best Instagram feed planner is something every business and influencer needs. These unique little tools pack a powerful punch, allowing you to schedule and manage your feed easily.

Instead of falling behind in the digital world, the following tools can help you make the most of every post.

What Is an Instagram Feed Planner?

As a business or influencer, you're likely on a path to figuring out how to use Instagram for business and succeed. This is where feed planners come into play, as they help to streamline your uploading and to manage your original content.

Not only will you be able to create a posting schedule but also create phenomenal social media posts to boost your engagement.

It's challenging to explain all of Instagram feed planners' features, as they can differ considerably. However, the vast majority are designed to help make using the social media platform fun while offering higher engagement and better monetization.

These apps will make a massive difference, from sending mobile alerts to analyzing your Instagram metrics.

Best Instagram Feed Planner: 5 Apps to Make Your Engagement Soar

With a general idea of what Instagram visual planners are, let's get into the top ten apps you should download on your smartphone or tablet today.

1. Preview


The Preview app is an all-in-one tool with plenty of robust features designed for novice and experienced Instagram users.

You can schedule, design, analyze, and edit your social media posts in one app rather than using multiple tools. Although its interface is slightly simpler than others, you'll find it very user-friendly.

What Are the Features of Preview?

There are a few key features of Preview you'll need to schedule posts, including:

  • Popular Hashtag Generation

Hashtags are essential for social media, especially Instagram. With this app, you can search for related tags, group posts using the tags, and review hashtag analytics.

  • Photo Creation

Most brands on Instagram like to use their own photos on their feeds. However, Preview also offers a stock photo library with over 500,000 royalty-free images you can use.

In addition, many editing tools help refine any type of content so it looks its best before posting.

  • Basic Analytics Tracking

One of the most important parts of owning a successful Instagram is to make sure you track the performance of your social media posts.

This app has built-in metrics trackers that help you effortlessly manage your feed. You'll know when's the best posting time, what hashtags are most effective, and the engagement rates on each post.

  • Scheduling Features

Preview's final noteworthy feature is its scheduling tools.

Users can create a content strategy that pushes specific social media posts throughout the week. You can also schedule video and album uploading on unlimited posts.


  • Affordable premium plans for enhanced social strategies
  • Tiered pricing for different features and unlimited users
  • Plenty of user-friendly filters for unlimited posts
  • Massive stock image library for designing a visual calendar


  • No desktop version for content curation
  • Doesn't currently support Instagram Stories

2. Later


Later is the perfect combination of everything you would expect from a professionally designed visual grid planner. It has many features paired with a user-friendly interface that makes it exceptionally simple.

It's also highly recommended for businesses and influencers looking to drive sales from their business accounts.

What Are the Features of Later?

There are many great features Later offers to build your Insta content library, including:

  • Content Reposting

One of the best ways to boost engagement on your socials is through user-generated content.

With Later, you can repost content from other Instagram accounts. An added benefit is an automatic feature that credits basic posts to the original creator.

  • Shoppable Feeds

Instead of going through the hassle of redirecting your followers to many sites to make a purchase, Later has built-in shoppable feeds. You can generate an entire Instagram page that's easy for followers to use to buy all of your products.

You'll find it's a great way to design some best-performing content in bulk to entice a larger audience.

  • Drag-and-Drop Design

There's nothing better than having an effortless tool to manage the bulk content on Instagram.

With Later, you'll love the drag-and-drop interface that makes it significantly easier to plan your feed. You can easily master professional content planning solutions using your fingers in seconds.

  • Scheduling Features

As with most other apps on this list, Later also boasts plenty of advanced features for scheduling. You can also create schedules for videos and multi-image posts, helping diversify your feed with remarkable content.

  • Wide Compatibility

Outside of helping with the scheduling of content on your Insta social media calendar, this app is also great for other social media platforms.

Users can post on Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest using the same social media account. You'll find you can have more control over the visual content calendar you have for all platforms in one spot.


  • Easy scheduling of content on mobile or desktop
  • Plenty of scheduling options for planning your feed in advance
  • Easy-to-use built-in post linking on all posts per month
  • Efficient engagement tracking tools to improve feed examples


  • Most paid packages are designed for marketing firms
  • The features that turn your feed to perfection are costly

3. Sked Social

Sked Social

Sked Social is a one-of-a-kind tool for Instagram users as the app is designed specifically for this platform. All its basic features are intuitively designed to help you master the art of curating the best features for scheduling posts.

You'll find many standard visual content marketing tools, such as an image placeholder function when designing moodboard style images on layouts.

What Are the Features of Sked Social?

There are plenty of features you'll find in this Instagram-specific feed planner. Let's look at a few of the most impressive.

  • Grid Design

You're unlikely to find another Instagram feed planner with as many features for your grid as this app.

Sked Social allows you to custom-make, preview, and schedule your grid in advance, helping you start on the most professional foot possible. The professional-level feed layout and editing tools give you complete control over your feed.

  • Tagging Features

Tagging is a great way to generate more engagement from a considerably larger audience. Sked Social offers built-in tagging so you can add locations and people to your posts.

  • Post Planner

Aside from being able to schedule single photos for each of your post types, this app also works well with Instagram Stories. Users can also schedule carousels, videos, and multi-video posts as needed.

You'll find these features in the basic plan are great for visual planning for your editorial calendar.

  • Accessible Calendar

Once you and your social media team have developed an engaging content calendar, this app makes it easy to check on all your posts per month.

When logged into Sked Social, you can switch to "Calendar View," which shows you your upcoming posts. It's an essential tool for managing your social media calendar, ensuring posts are pushed at the optimal time.

  • Easy Reposting

As expected, the repost feature is an agile social media tool to help you repost content from fans and customers. These agile marketing tools help you find relatable and engaging content on Instagram and repost it directly to your feed.

This feature also automatically tags the original poster, ensuring they get credit.


  • Pricing based on followers for personal accounts
  • Bill pricing automatically adjusts for your content plan
  • Comes with a seven-day free trial for unlimited users
  • Works well with Instagram Stories


  • Could be a little pricey for the basic plan with few management tools
  • Not ideal as a basic content calendar planning function

4. Postcron


When looking at Postcron, you'll find it's a self-proclaimed social media management tool that is the "easiest" way to schedule posts. It's also a fantastic tool for business-minded Instagram users looking to improve their following.

Aside from Insta, much of its suite of tools is also fantastic for Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and LinkedIn. It is the ideal tool for publishing your entire social media marketing plan.

You can connect your accounts and manage them all from one place. In addition, you'll have access to far more in-depth social analytics than most other platforms.

You'll have everything you need with other features like a built-in image editor, feed preview, image size editing, and a placeholder feature. You can even auto-post Instagram stories for the entire month, automating your socials.

What Are the Features of Postcron?

Let's jump into the most exciting features Postcron can bring to your social media strategy.

  • Massive Scheduling

Undoubtedly, this is one app you'll love to have as a major marketing firm. With Postcron, you can schedule up to 1000 posts simultaneously through either Excel or Google Sheets.

You can guarantee your social media calendar will post your images and videos at the optimal time every day of the year.

  • Image Editing

Many different photo editing tools can unlock better social media management and engagement on Postcron.

Users can watermark their images and resize, crop, or alter images in several ways. There's even a tool called "ImageSplitter" that lets you split one image into many posts.

  • Hashtag Searching

This tool is essential when marketing teams need to tag their social content appropriately for higher engagement.

With hashtag searching, you can find tags most relevant to your social content to reach a larger audience. The better your hashtags, the better your campaign performance.

  • Team Collaboration

When working on a social media team, all members must access the right tools.

Postcron has built-in collaborative features, making it easier for all team members to work together. You'll find it's scalable regardless of team size and helps everyone work together for better social media performance.


  • The premium plans feature optimal tools for social strategies
  • Comes with a built-in editorial calendar and visual calendar
  • Affordable "personal" accounts for the scheduling of photos
  • Easy-to-use interface for social media management


  • No analytics with the cheapest business owner plans
  • Doesn't have Instagram-specific tools for visual planning

5. PlannThat


PlannThat is a fantastic platform with features to help you manage your Instagram feeds.

You'll find an assortment of Insta-specific tools that will have you create the most effective social media page possible. Its user interface is clean and effortless to navigate, even as a first-time user.

What Are the Features of PlannThat?

Let's review the top-selling features of PlannThat.

  • Drag-and-Drop Tool

When customizing the look of your Instagram feed, you'll love this app's drag-and-drop tool. It's user-friendly and helps to make your creativity shine through without professional-level tools.

  • Robust Analytics

Out of the other feed planners we've explored in this guide, PlannThat is one of the best for analytics. You'll be able to review all the essential metrics of each post, ranging from demographic information to engagement rates.

  • Instagram Strategy Tool

Your social media growth is essential, and PlannThat helps to simplify it.

This app offers a planning tool to help you set long-term and short-term growth goals. As you meet your milestones along the way, you can stay on track with your ultimate goal.


  • Accessible user-generated content sharing features
  • Has an analytics feature for competitors
  • Has editable templates for the best feed layout
  • Plenty of editing and reposting tools for planning feeds


  • No desktop app or options for auto post tools
  • Some features are only on iOS

So, What Is the Best Instagram Feed Planner?

When choosing the best Instagram feed planner, Later is a great option. It has plenty of entry-level and professional tools that are fully scalable with your follower growth. Although it's a little more expensive than other tools, it's well worth the investment.