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Best Instagram Marketing Books for New and Upcoming Social Marketers

2 months ago
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If you want an efficient and successful digital marketing account, make it a habit to read the best Instagram marketing books you can find.

Instagram has more than one billion active users monthly and is currently the most popular social media platform.

You can boost your digital marketing strategy with a step-by-step guide to capturing the attention of your target audience.

As a business owner, one must learn to control social media's power and stay updated with the current trend.

Best Instagram Marketing Books

One way of learning different marketing techniques is by following a comprehensive guide and social media marketing tips.

You can check some of the best Instagram marketing books below to boost your marketing efforts.

1. Instagram Marketing by Kelly Lee

The Best Guide for Beginners

ISBN-13: ‎ 979-8479702068

Instagram marketing guide

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This 154-page English booking by Kelly Lee, published in November 2021, is one of the best in this marketing book list.

It's a new book written by an entrepreneur for fellow business-minded individuals.

As a social media marketing book, it will teach you how to use Instagram's power to develop strategies and marketing automation tools.

Within its 11 chapters, you will understand when to publish and how to create a business profile and increase your follower count.

You will also learn which hashtag to use for your post and how to utilize Instagram ADS effectively.

As you read the book, you will learn how to sell your products and convert your followers into dollar-producing consumers.

2. The Last Instagram Marketing Book You Will Ever Buy by Robb Taroni

Every Single Growth Hack You Need To Know in Order To Get 20,000+ Relevant Followers Fast - And Then Convert Them Into Loyal Customers

ISBN-10: 1792817940

The Last Instagram Marketing Book You Will Ever Buy by Robb Taroni

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Instagram is an essential social media platform for digital entrepreneurs today because it offers numerous opportunities.

Merely posting photos of your products on Instagram will not give you a profitable sale. It would help if you had digital marketing strategies to boost your success.

As you read this book by Robb Taroni, focusing on influence marketing, you will learn 11 battle-tested approaches to engage people daily for free.

You will also discover six guideline steps to launching profitable ad campaigns even if you don't have an experience in online marketing moves.

Moreover, the book will provide you with a checklist t to turn your Instagram profile into a lead-generating page and have your followers converted into repeat customers.

Be privy to eight tricks to beat Instagram's algorithm, increasing your posted content's reach.

And learn about nine tricks for making magnetic content your audience will like, comment on, and share.

Additionally, the author provided his readers with dedicated chapters for advanced social marketing ideas.

This short but sweet 63-page book came out in December 2018.

3. Instagram Marketing Secrets 2022 by Nathan Damron

The Best Guide for Beginners

Use the Power of Instagram to Convert Followers into Dollars

Strategies and Techniques to Grow your Business and You

ISBN-13: ‎ 979-8480439311

 Instagram Marketing Secrets 2022 by Nathan Damron

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The Instagram Marketing Secrets 2022 is a 157-page marketing book published in September 2021.

It is an essential guide to understanding how marketing principles work and impact your business, like the importance of SWOT analysis.

The book teaches you how to create your brand and let it grow fast and solid using the Instagram platform.

Also, the author will help you identify the persona of your buyers and competitors and to understand market segmentation.

If you are still confused about where to focus your energy, let this book's excellent guide help you find your niche.

The author also teaches you how to be aware of your competitor brand's strategies while providing tips on your business and personal growth.

4. Instagram Influencer Marketing by Mark J. Cook

Advertising 2021

ISBN-10: 1801270937

Instagram Influencer Marketing by Mark J. Cook

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At first, most people create an Instagram account to socialize and have fun by sharing some of their photos.

However, other users knew from the start that they could use Instagram as an effective marketing strategy to win over potential customers.

This social platform will work better if you have identified your niche, including beauty, fashion, fitness, health, travel, or tourism.

As a social media marketer, you can start by evaluating your business to find an appropriate and unique niche.

Effective Instagram marketing ensures that everything you share, whether on your feed or Instagram Stories, reflects your brand's values.

Be flexible and genuine as a social media influencer but never compromise your business goals.

This social media book provides practical strategies and tactics that bring results to your Instagram activities.

It will discuss how this social network functions and how you can make a profitable Instagram page.

The book will guide you with your social media marketing strategy so you can create compelling content.

Additionally, it will teach you how to build your brand and be a lead magnet using your Instagram account and other methods like email marketing.

For sustainability, the book will also teach you how to create a social media marketing plan to market your brand.

Stop your traditional marketing practices and start building your social media profile.

5. Instagram Marketing Algorithms by Leonard Carli

ISBN-10: 1650688717

Instagram Marketing Algorithms by Leonard Carli

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This 127-page book from Leonard Carli will teach you multiple ways to conduct viral marketing using your Instagram account.

You can also boost your brand visibility and enjoy a successful business by following the strategic guide from this book.

Take advantage of Instagram's popularity by creating excellent social media campaigns for your target audience and potential customers.

You can experience the Instagram power by learning the step-by-step tricks of the platform through this book.

Numerous blog posts mention Instagram as the best platform for a digital business because of its many users.

With Instagram's high engagement reach, you can be sure your followers will see your shoppable posts and other content.

This book offers practical tools to help your Instagram account promote your brand and business.

The author learned how to create long-term relationships with his followers as a young entrepreneur and wants to share it with other users.

You will learn many things from this book, including what types of content to create, how to maximize its features, and its marketing impact. 

It will also provide a list of Instagram dos and don'ts and how to avoid common pitfalls experienced by many users daily.

6. This Is Marketing by Seth Godin

You Can't Be Seen Until You Learn to See

ISBN-10: 0241370140

This Is Marketing by Seth Godin

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This book by Seth Godin focuses on putting the customer first with marketing insights and growth strategies to help solve their concerns.

He emphasizes that powerful marketing is not just about intelligence and the human brain but about empathy, emotional labor, and generosity.

This book will teach you to identify your smallest audience, look for the right signals to position offerings, and build trust with your target market.

You will also learn to speak your audience's narrative, create and release tension after spotting opportunities, and help users achieve their goals by providing tools.

With the book's better approach to marketing, online entrepreneurs can boost their social media metrics with real engagement.

7. Faster, Smarter, Louder by Aaron Agius and Gian Clancey

Master Attention in a Noisy Digital Market

ISBN-10: 154451185X

Faster, Smarter, Louder by Aaron Agius and Gian Clancey

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In the online world, your success depends on the combined social strategies and technological planning to attract customers.

No one will notice your content if you don't have a solid digital platform. You will only waste your time and money and lose potential clients.

Fortunately, these two successful digital marketers collaborated on writing this book, providing a plan for your brand's success.

These authors shared how their two-person digital marketing agency became a global leader.

This 256-page book came out in July 2019, explaining that one needs to conduct research and find an effective strategy to get profitable clients.

They also emphasized that you have to be authentic, make human connections, and provide value to become a successful digital entrepreneur.

8. The Power of Visual Storytelling by Ekaterina Walker and Jessica Gioglio

How to Use Visuals, Videos, and Social Media to Market Your Brand

ISBN-10: 007182393X

The Power of Visual Storytelling by Ekaterina Walker and Jessica Gioglio

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The book launched in January 2015 with 240 pages written by two female authors who believe that visual storytelling is today's digital currency.

The human brain can process images faster than written words. This book offers an excellent guide on creating and sharing irresistible pictures.

That said, the book contains fascinating images that most companies use in conveying their message to their audience.

Online posts with visuals receive more engagement than the content void of images. It is said that viewers spend more time looking at online posts with videos or pictures.

The book will teach you how to strengthen your brand and grow your business by using infographics, photos, presentations, videos, and other forms of media.

It will give you a solid road map to kickstart your campaign while encouraging creativity in various organizations.

Which Instagram Marketing Book Is Best for You?

The best Instagram marketing books we have listed here are some of the top-rated ones written by marketing experts in the digital world.

Each book provides great Instagram insights and how to use the platform for marketing your brand and services.

Consider reading one of these books to stay updated with the latest marketing strategies in your preferred niche.

Kelly Lee's Instagram Marketing would be an excellent place to start if you’re just about to embark on a marketing journey through Instagram.