14 Best Instagram Tools To Surge Engagement and Ease Marketing Efforts

5 months ago
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Making the most of Instagram with the best Instagram tools to surge engagement can change how you use the platform for the better. Although Instagram is relatively simple to use, these tools help transform it into a marketing powerhouse.

Best Instagram Tools To Surge Engagement and Ease Marketing Efforts

Let’s explore all of the best tools you can use to boost Instagram engagement and ease your marketing efforts. We’ll look at 14 tried-and-tested programs that many Instagram users swear by.

1. Canva

Cost: Free and paid subscriptions


There’s no doubt that Canva is one of the most superior tools you can use for various social media platforms. If you’re on the hunt for a mobile app that allows you to edit your Instagram stories and Instagram posts on the go, it’s ideal. Within the app, you’ll find hundreds of different types of content, including:

  • Graphics
  • Stock images
  • Instagram content templates

Another unique feature of Canva is that it’s fully equipped with all of the best Instagram tools to create your own content. If you want to make an advertisement from scratch, you will have everything you need in-house.

For instance, you can save your templates directly into the app, which is beneficial whether you’re working alone or with a team. Other team members can then access the preexisting templates to begin generating new content for your socials.

2. Campsite

Cost: Free and paid subscriptions


Landing pages are undoubtedly one of the essential parts of any business website. With Campsite, you will have Instagram tools to help skyrocket the success of your pages. Using this app, you can create landing pages with uniquely generated graphics and other types of content.

Among the unique features of this Instagram creator studio is that you will have enhanced linking power on mobile devices. Users can generate and add as many links to their pages as they want and decide how the links will be displayed. Once you integrate your Insta and Campsite, you can add thumbnails to links to make them appear more attractive.

That said, the most important part of these IG tools is that they come with metrics tracking, which is essential for monitoring your socials. With Campsite, you’ll have basic Instagram analytics available, helping you determine the success of the various marketing campaigns you’ve designed. From there, simply use the data to continue creating effective landing pages.

3. Linktree

Cost: Free and paid subscriptions


If you’ve recently visited a social media influencer’s page, you’ve likely noticed a Linktree link in their bio. As one of the most popular Instagram tools, Linktree allows you to direct users to a specific page. You can add an influx of links that further direct your traffic where you want it to go on this page.

Instead of being a traditional white page with many blue hyperlinks, Linktree takes it a step further. Users can customize their landing page with links to match their branding, establishing a cohesive message across your platforms. From there, prospective followers and customers can click the links they need to access the content they want. This is a great way to engage existing followers and also promote your brand to get more followers organically.

Linktree is a fabulous tool, allowing you to integrate with other popular platforms, such as Shopify. Also, with a paid account, you’ll be able to unlock an impressive number of features, helping you develop an even more advanced landing page.

4. StoryArt

Cost: Free and paid subscriptions


Instagram Stories are some of the best IG tools you will come across to capture the eyes of your followers. They are a quick and exciting way to generate creative content that draws audiences in and gets them excited about your brand. With the best Instagram tools like StoryArt, creating magical IG stories has never been simpler.

This straightforward mobile app is easy for anyone to use, even if you’ve never worked with graphic design before. It boasts user-friendly tools, allowing you to design advertisements and other materials with a swipe of your finger. To help simplify the process, they have a wide assortment of pre-made animations, static layouts, and more.

One of the downfalls to StoryArt compared to other Instagram tools is its collection of stock images. At this time, the library is somewhat lacking, so you’ll have to provide your own photos. However, the editing tools are where the magic happens, making it a fabulous option.

5. Hashtagify

Cost: Paid


Whether you use Instagram for business, influencing, or regular purposes, hashtags are one thing you cannot joke with. Hashtags are among the best Instagram Insights tools that every account owner should consider using. Categorizing your content so that it’s easier to see can drive more traffic to your profile. Finding an Instagram hashtag generator like Hashtagify helps simplify the process.

Hashtagify helps you find the perfect hashtags and provides performance metrics for your searches. You’ll be able to review real-time statistics that tell you how popular a particular tag is at that time. With this information, you can ensure you’re always using the most up-to-date trending tags.

Another impressive feature of this platform is that it helps you generate new hashtags. Hashtagify provides related tags with good analytics for Instagram when you conduct your searches. From there, you can choose which ones are best for your needs.

6. Keyword Tool

Cost: Free and paid subscriptions

keyword tool

Keyword Tool is easily one of the best Instagram tools because it offers versatility for all areas of social media marketing. Not only can you search for relevant keywords and review their performance but also hashtags. Often seen as the best free Instagram hashtag generator, it’s a platform you need to consider using today.

When you search for a specific tag on Keyword Tool, it provides related hashtags and their ranking. You’ll also be able to review the number of posts currently using the tag, determining its competitiveness. Using this information, you can easily find tags that are easier to rank for and others that are more challenging.

You unlock even more features when you make an account, such as saving your previously searched hashtags. This feature is ideal for teams, as you can copy and paste saved hashtag lists to your colleagues. Additionally, it makes it easier to transfer your found hashtags to your social media posts.

7. InstaChamp

Cost: Free and paid subscriptions


An often overlooked Instagram feature that every brand should be using to their advantage is direct messages or DMs. You can communicate with customers, talk to other brands, and even network with influencers with your DMs. With the best Instagram tools like InstaChamp, keeping an open line of communication has never been simpler.

InstaChamp is a desktop application that creates pre-made templates you can use for your chats. With automated conversations, you can streamline your discussions with customers. Also, it makes it easier to interact with other users when you’re mentioned in their Stories.

Another fantastic feature that makes InstaChamp a helpful Instagram tool is its triggered automated chats. When a user leaves a comment using specific keywords, the chatbot will automatically post a response. This feature is particularly helpful if you’re running a customer service account, helping you address concerns immediately.

8. SendPulse

Cost: Free and paid subscriptions

send pulse

As another Instagram tool that you can use as a chatbot, SendPulse has a few user-friendly features to consider. It is a great option to drive more sales or provide better customer support to your followers. Through the app, you can create and respond to conversations automatically via your direct messages.

Unlike InstaChamp, SendPulse doesn’t have pre-made templates. Instead, you can customize a list of user-generated responses to stay true to your brand’s tone. With this extra layer of customization, companies can create automated messages that still feel personal to the other user.

If you want to streamline the automation even further, this Instagram tool allows you to create automatic messages using keywords, user status, and more. You can also tailor the rules for your automated replies to provide more precise answers to your messages.

9. Pixlee TurnTo

Cost: Paid


Owners of brands need to start taking advantage of fan-made and influencer content to spread brand awareness. And there’s no better way to generate more sales than to use the reviews of previous happy customers. With the best Instagram tools like Pixlee, you can make the most of your user-generated content.

Pixlee allows you to browse through all of your social media marketing channels. What it does is that it automatically collects user-generated content and stores it in the app. You can then use this information to create engaging marketing materials for your eCommerce website, email newsletters, and more.

Pixlee is unique because it helps transform ordinary marketing into actionable advertisements for consumers. You’ll create shoppable posts, linking straight to your product pages as you share your user-generated content. With this level of automation, you can use your customer’s posts, give proper credit, and generate more leads at the same time.

10. Repost

Cost: Free and paid subscriptions


Much like its name suggests, Repost is one of the top IG tools for sharing user-generated content. It is also a fantastic option for fan posts, especially if you want to spread brand awareness. Think about the number of times you’ve wanted to share customers’ thoughts, testimonials, and feedback. This tool allows you to do that easily and swiftly. Also, if you buy Instagram followers, this tool encourages easy sharing of user-generated content from purchased followers. 

This app works in sync with Instagram Stories, helping you make the most out of quick video snippets and reviews.

On Instagram, Stories are removed after 24 hours, giving a short window for marketing to reach your audience. Using the best Instagram tools like Repost helps you repurpose the content for days or months. All you have to do is republish your user-generated content to your feed or reels.

Once you’ve received permission from the original content creator, the process is incredibly simple. Simply copy the link to the Story you want to share and paste it into Repost. The app then generates a caption and reposts the content to your profile.

Another massive advantage of this Instagram tool is that it ensures all parties are appropriately credited. There will be a watermark applied to the content within the app, linking back to the original creator. This process helps streamline the role of user-generated content for your brand’s success.

11. Wishpond

Cost: Paid


There’s no doubt that hosting Instagram contests and giveaways are a fabulous way to increase your following. Then again, whether you have dozens or thousands of contest entries, managing them can be time-consuming. With the best Instagram tools like Wishpond, you can navigate the process much simpler.

Wishpond is a desktop application that allows you to moderate every contest submission online. Also, you can collect and store contact details, helping you grow a network of interested consumers. Plus, the platform helps account owners generate contest pages on the more creative end.

You can showcase all of the entries to the giveaway on contest pages, making it ideal for creative competitions. Also, you will be able to implement voting tools, allowing other users to vote on the submissions you’ve displayed on the page. Additionally, with Wishpond’s sharable features, your contests can be broadcast across numerous pages on social media.

At the end of the day, this Instagram tool makes it significantly easier to host professional giveaways. Not only can you manage individual entries but also create a collection of submissions that are reviewable and sharable. It’s a fantastic solution for growing your audience across the platform.

12. ShortStack

Cost: Paid


As mentioned, user-generated content is the key to success for platforms like Instagram. ShortStack takes a new approach by helping you take user-generated content and turn it into a contest. On the platform, you will be able to set up comment-based and user-generated content contests.

You can create an external page for submissions with user-generated content while also outlining the contest rules. As your followers submit their entries, the platform collects their contact details and stores them for your review. Alternatively, the platform can also collect usernames and comments from comment-based contests, creating a thorough database.

When it comes time to choose a winner, these IG tools prove to be some of the most valuable platforms to have on hand. With ShortStack, you can allow the platform to automatically draw a random winner from its collected data. As you can imagine, it’s a fantastic solution for streamlining contests, especially with numerous entries.

13. Animoto

Cost: Free and paid subscriptions


Some of the best Instagram tools are the ones that turn your mobile devices into an Instagram creator studio. Animoto is one of the top solutions for helping you make engaging and eye-catching content that your audiences won’t forget. There’s no doubt that it’s one of the best IG tools that help you create professional content in minutes.

In the app, you’ll find a collection of pre-generated storyboards that allow you to create visually-pleasing content. You can craft advertisements, welcome messages, and any other type of content you desire. You’ll also find a collection of templates, helping marketing teams generate testimonials, tutorials, and promotions.

With the help of this Instagram tool, you can create content that lines up perfectly with your marketing expectations. Also, as it boasts free plans, you can save significantly more money than using paid platforms. There are several other amazing benefits that Animoto brings to the table, including:

  • Unique stamps
  • Branded animations
  • High-end overlays
  • Stock image collection
  • Stock videos

14. Lnk.Bio

Cost: Free and paid subscriptions


If linking tools are what you’re looking for, Lnk.Bio is a competitive platform to consider. It helps you create unique landing pages, much like Linktree, but with a few added features. If you want to direct your followers to specific sites, you can customize the landing page to match your brand’s aesthetic.

Also, it’s a fantastic resource for influencers interested in keeping all of their key contact details in one location. Using Lnk.Bio, you can keep your followers updated with any brand partnerships and sponsorships you’d like them to participate in. With this platform, you can create a list or grid for all of your links, keeping them organized, fresh, and easy to access.

As an added benefit, users can add creative thumbnails and design folders for specific links to be stored in. You’ll find this feature particularly helpful for maintaining organization across all of your platforms. Another massive advantage is that Lnk.Bio works similarly to an Instagram post scheduler.

Instead of ensuring your links are uploaded on your own, you can automate the process. Like an Instagram post scheduler, this platform allows you to choose a specific date and time for links to go live. You only have to input the information ahead of time and allow the scheduler to do the rest for you.

With seamless Instagram integration, you’ll be able to track the Instagram analytics on your page significantly easier. It’s a well-rounded resource for when you need IG tools to manage all of your important links.

Instagram Analytics Tools for Better Engagement

Searching for the best Instagram tools to surge engagement can be rather time-consuming, especially as dozens of platforms are available. Fortunately, you can make managing your social media accounts more effortless using IG tools. Even better, they also offer enhanced versatility.

It’s time you took advantage of these tools' outstanding automated features to help you make the most of your IG. With any of these tools, you should start seeing positive changes in your Instagram Insights soon.