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How To Create a Video for Instagram: A Guide For Reels, IG Live, Feed Videos & Stories

2 months ago
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Instagram videos are a great way to connect with your customers and grow your audience. According to recent statistics, 91 percent of IG users watch videos weekly and 66 percent of consumers found short-form videos the most engaging type of content on social media.

That said, it’s safe to say that creating high-quality Instagram videos should be a part of your business’ marketing strategy. To help with that, keep reading to learn how to create a video for Instagram.

Why You Need To Use Instagram Video

Unlike other social networking sites, Instagram is more of a visual platform where you can leverage images and videos to attract and engage with your audience. If you haven’t used the platform for video marketing yet, now is the time to do so.

While uploading appealing images of your products is a staple in Instagram marketing, posting stunning videos is equally beneficial, too. Below are the main reasons you should incorporate videos into your Instagram feed.

1. Drive More Engagement

The overarching benefit of Instagram videos is that they allow you to convey more information in less time. Whether you want your customers to know about your latest offerings, give tutorials, or simply touch base with them, videos are a surefire way to enhance brand awareness and product familiarity.

Compared to other social media content types, videos generate more engagement and they usually stick around for longer. That’s because videos usually generate more interactions and shares. That said, it stays in your feed for longer, encouraging more followers to engage with your brand.

2. Influence Purchase Decisions

A survey revealed that 72 percent of customers prefer watching videos to learn about a product or service. What’s more, 84 percent say they have been convinced to buy a product or service after watching a brand’s video.

Therefore, it goes without saying that videos are much better than texts or images in promoting a product or service.

In addition, video ads allow you to embed a call-to-action (CTA) to your posts. With powerful CTAs, you can easily direct users to your product landing pages on your website and give them an option to buy it.

3. Generate Brand Awareness

You probably know that the average engagement rate for Instagram is higher than all other major social media platforms. Therefore, it’s a great platform to raise brand awareness.

Through the Explore feed, Instagram’s algorithm can feature 15-second videos based on a user’s interest. You can utilize catchy thumbnails, popular and relevant hashtags, and other SEO strategies to push your videos up in the Explore feed so that more people will know about your brand.

While a photo is worth a thousand words, a video can help convey even more. It offers an opportunity to showcase your personality, team, core values, vision, and mission in a compelling manner.

Using hashtags within your captions, tagging people and profiles, and leveraging the geo-location features in your videos can help your content reach your customers’ feed. The same is true even if they aren’t visiting your Instagram profile.

That said, it doesn’t mean you should dump photos in exchange for videos. A blend of appealing images and engaging videos is the key to getting your brand discovered easily on Instagram.

4. Connect and Build Trust

Using Instagram videos is a great way to build trust with your customers and followers. By bosting videos that convey your brand’s message, showcase your product, or introduce your company culture, you can develop deeper relationships with your customers.

The more followers who trust your business, the more they are likely to make a purchase from you in the future.

How To Create a Video for Instagram

video creation on instagram

Before we jump into the tutorial on how to create a video for Instagram, you should know that IG videos come in four different formats: Reels, Stories, Live, and Instagram Feed Videos.

Instagram Reels

Reels are immersive videos you can use to educate your audience about your brand story. They are very similar to Stories and in-feed posts and may include full-length captions.

Reels feature creative tools like music and stickers that your business can use to create engaging videos that inspire your followers. They are the most popular IG video format at the moment and are very similar to Snapchat Stories and TikTok videos.

Instagram Reels creates new opportunities for brands because this format is highly engaging and provides incredible reach and discoverability advantages. People can interact with Reels by commenting, liking, and sharing them.

What makes Reels specifically beneficial for brands is they make it easy for users to follow an account. You will find a Follow button right next to the brand name, above the caption. You can also add product hashtags and CTA at the bottom of the video.

How To Create Instagram Reels

Creating an Instagram Reel is exceptionally easy.

Step 1: Open Reels.

Go to your business profile page, then click the “+” icon at the top right corner. It is the same icon you tap when creating a feed post or a Story. From the selection menu, tap Reels.

Step 2: Choose your media.

You can either use the app’s native camera to create new content or scroll through your phone’s camera roll and choose the files you want to use. In Reels, you can edit several images or video clips together.

Step 3: Edit your footage.

Instagram has many editing features to add some flair to your Reel. As mentioned, you can add background music, text, stickers, and filters. You can also trim and scale your video to adjust the cropping.

Once your Reel is ready, tap “Add.” On the next screen, you can add additional video clips by tapping the “+” icon on the left-hand corner. This lets you stitch different clips together.

Step 4: Add visual effects.

On the left-hand side of the screen, you will see other icons that let you further edit your footage. For example, the music note icon allows you to add an audio clip to your Reel

Aside from that, you can either speed up or slow down the playback by tapping the “1x” button. Instead of music, others choose to include a voiceover to their Reels by tapping or holding the record audio button.

Step 5: Add a caption and tag users.

You can add up to 2,200 characters for the caption, so there’s plenty of room to get creative. You can even include relevant hashtags to further optimize your caption.

Step 6: Publish your Reel.

Tap the “Share” button at the bottom of the screen to publish your video.

Instagram Stories

Instagram allows you to share 15-second vertical photos or videos that stay for 24 hours in your Story feed. IG Stories aren’t limited to your followers alone. They can reach users who might be interested in your brand.

With Instagram Story, you can share snippets of moments in your day with your followers. Many companies use it as a more interactive extension of their Instagram feed.

Unlike feed, Instagram Stories features a wide range of tools that drive user engagement. For example, you can set up polls, ask questions, and tag specific people in your post. Plus, the interface of Instagram Stories makes it extremely easy for viewers to message you directly.

How To Make an Instagram Story Video

Below are the steps to create cutting-edge videos via Instagram Stories:

Step 1: Open Instagram Story.

Open your Instagram app and tap your avatar or profile picture on the top left corner of the screen. Alternatively, you can just swipe right to open the camera. If you click the “+” sign, you will be prompted to create a post instead of a Story. To get to the Story creator, tap “Story” at the bottom right.

Step 2: Pick a filter.

Choose a filter by swiping right and left at the bottom. Aside from a filter, you can choose a capture mode when filming straight from the app. There are several options available, such as:

  • Boomerang - creates a looping video clip up to three seconds long
  • Layout - takes you to a screen with four quadrants where you can capture four different images and change the style of the grid
  • Multi-Capture - allows you to capture videos consecutively without needing to upload them separately
  • Hands-Free - sets up your camera to film a video for you

Step 3: Take/Choose the video and edit it.

Capture a video using your device’s camera or use an existing video from your gallery. Then, add stickers, texts, timestamps, or GIFs to your Story.

Step 4: Share.

After you’re done editing, tap “Your Story” to share it with your followers. If you have Instagram videos that performed well, you can share them on your Stories.

Instagram Live

A recent addition to Instagram is Live Videos. The main difference between Instagram Live and Facebook Live is that the former is completely ephemeral. This means when you stop broadcasting, the video will disappear and your viewers won’t be able to replay it.

Going live is an excellent way to connect with your audience in real-time. Followers who are online when you go “live” will receive a notification when you start broadcasting. Viewers can then ask questions in the comment box that you can respond to during your live stream.

How To Set Up Instagram Live

live instagram feature

Follow these steps to set up an Instagram Live:

Step 1: Open Instagram Live.

Swipe to open your Instagram Story camera and then tap the Live option at the bottom of the screen. You will see how many followers are active on the app. Once you’re ready, tap the button to start the live stream. Instagram will check your connection, and if you’re good to go, the streaming will begin.

Step 2: Have fun with the features.

While streaming, you can access other features. These include the question mark icon to share submitted questions from your viewers and a comment box to respond to viewers’ messages while filming.

You can also add another user to your live stream as a co-host, share an image into your stream, and apply filters in real-time.

Step 3: Manage the comments.

Turn on comment moderation to facilitate a positive community experience. To access your comment controls, head over to your profile settings before you start. Go to “Privacy” and tap “Comments.”

You can choose to block specific people from commenting, hide offensive comments, or even manually filter certain words or phrases. You can also turn off commenting completely while you’re broadcasting. To do this, tap the three dots next to the comment box and select “Turn Off Commenting.”

Step 4: Decide what to do with the video after streaming.

Finally, you can share your Live on IGTV. Make sure to post a Preview to be shared on your feed and profile. You can also download the video to your device.

Instagram Video

Instagram lets you upload up to 60-minute-long videos on your feed. Like your IG photos, these videos stay on your profile for as long as you want. Feed video posts show when someone scrolls through your feed. You can also create 60-second trailers for longer videos to give your customers a taste of what’s in your content.

Instagram Video has different video editing tools to help you create compelling content. These include trimming, location tagging, and filters.

When Instagram was first launched, it didn’t support video content. However, that changed when Facebook acquired the platform and allowed users to create and share native video ads. Users can engage with these videos by liking, commenting, sharing, or clicking a CTA.

You can upload a longer video on your feed. However, since users scroll very quickly, it’s important to include a captivating preview or introduction to hook them within the first couple of seconds.

Also, you can include a text of up to 125 characters. The shorter, the better because only two rows of your caption will appear below the video ad.

How To Upload an Instagram Feed Video

To upload a video on Instagram, follow these steps:

Step 1: Go to Instagram.

Click the “+” sign on the top right portion of the screen.

Step 2: Upload a video.

You can either select an existing video on your device’s media gallery or record one at the moment to post.

Step 3: Apply filters.

To make your content more engaging, you can apply audio filters, combine several video clips, and add a cover.

Step 4: Write an engaging caption.

Finally, write a description that uses relevant keywords so that your target audience can easily find your content. You can also add hashtags and a location to further optimize your video ad.

What Content Should You Share?

The best video ideas aren’t supposed to be ads. Rather, they are those that help you connect with your customers, share more about your business, and inspire your audience. In that case, it’s important to learn about the right types of video to drive more engagement.

Product Features

Videos are a great way to promote your products or services, build buzz, and drive conversion. The ideal product video does not only contain your product but also excites the viewers to buy it. Make sure to put your product in the spotlight and use text to highlight its best features.


Product-in-action videos are a great way to capture your followers’ attention. You can create 15-second multi-clip videos or time-lapse videos that will engage your audience.

When brainstorming about your content, consider your audience and their dreams and aspirations. Who is your ideal customer and what does their ideal life look like? How will your product make their life easier? Try to create that feeling in your videos.

Sneak Previews

If you’re launching a new product, you can create a Story or Reel that gives your followers a sneak peek at it. By creating hype and excitement around your new release, you will cause your followers to think about your product before it’s even available.


BTS content is an excellent way to build a more personal relationship with your customers and authentically communicate your brand values. Consider doing a tour of your office, studio, warehouse, or factory, introducing your followers to your staff, or bringing them to your company functions and other events.

You can also shoot fun videos of your team working hard on developing a product or what a typical workday looks like at your office or in your studio. It’s a good idea to use a video editing app to create a high-resolution video.


Teach your fans the basics of using your product. Be creative and keep your audience engaged by creating fun and entertaining videos. You don’t need to have solid video editing experience to make creative tutorial videos. 

You can create a mini training or a how-to video and give your fans tips to maximize the use of your product. Again, don’t hesitate to use video apps to add a flare to your animated videos.


If your video content requires more than a minute of screentime, you can create video series or episodes. Here, you can use an all-in-one video editor that lets you achieve excellent video quality. They are a great way to engage your followers.

Since your customers expect upcoming episodes, they will keep returning to your profile to watch the story unfold. It’s important to produce authentic videos to create a compelling story that will “wow” your customers.

Create Winning Instagram Videos Today

Creating Instagram videos is one of the best ways to build relationships with your followers, attract new customers, and promote your brand. The best part is that you don’t need to hire professional video editors to create amazing social videos.

Instagram is packed with helpful editing tools and features. Try to do a combination of Reels, Story videos, Instagram Live, and other formats to increase user interactions and conversions.

The key is to be creative with your content.

To create that gives value to your customers, start by setting goals for your videos and consider your buyers’ lifestyles and aspirations. Then, be authentic instead of being overly promotional. Customers are more willing to do business with brands they trust and connect with instead of those that don’t seem to care about their interests and concerns.