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How to Use Instagram Reels: Easy-to-Follow Steps and Tips

1 month ago
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Learning how to use Instagram Reels in your marketing plan is essential, especially with the booming popularity of the feature.

Since day one, Reels has been the fastest-growing feature you'll find on the platform. It's a fantastic way to create short, entertaining videos that can capture your audience's attention.

With its ingrained popularity, it's now time to consider how you can start putting Instagram Reels to good use to grow your brand. It's not only an engaging way to gather more followers, but it can also help with brand awareness, product awareness, and more.

Let's explore how you can put Instagram Reels to good use, making the most of the newly implemented feature.

What Are Instagram Reels?

Instagram Reels

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Instagram Reels have a lot in common with regular videos you'd typically post on your grid. However, they have their own section on your Instagram profile besides your grid.

When you create Reels, you can craft videos up to 90 seconds long and unlock many valuable editing features.

Users can add original audio, filters, stickers, captions, and more. One of the more popular features is adding an interactive background that will capture your audience's attention.

Another similarity is when you create Reels, they'll remain on your Insta page until it's deleted.

With a dedicated section, it's easy to keep all of your Instagram Reels organized and easily accessible to your followers. You'll also find they tend to be favored by the platform's algorithm, which is essential for building brand awareness.

Another massive advantage is they take up primary spots on the "Explore" page for users, an area where brands try to reach to build a larger audience.

As you can tell, there are plenty of notable benefits social media marketers need to consider when building their following. With exposure for Reels in explore showcases, you can add more metrics to your analytics, helping you make a more effective social media campaign. It would be a massive detriment not to start posting Reels ASAP.

How to Use Instagram Reels: Creating Your First Instagram Reels

How to Use Instagram Reels

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The best way to see the true benefits of Instagram Reels is to start making them yourself. Let's get into the easy steps you can use to share video content to build your brand's reputation.

Step 1: Visit the Instagram Reels Page

You'll first need to navigate to the Reels page, which is located directly on your profile page. You'll find a "+" at the top right-hand corner of your screen, which will show a drop-down menu when selected.

Choose "Reels," which will bring you into the editor where you can begin creating.

Step 2: Upload the Content

With Instagram, there are two unique ways to import video content into the app. You can upload an existing video or film one directly through the app.

To post a Reel, you'll need to select a video from your gallery or photo roll or press the record button to capture short-form video content.

Reels are great because you can create a series of short clips or one 90-second video at once. There's also the option to set a timer, which gives you a countdown before the recording starts, perfect for hands-free recording.

If you're interested in creating clips, simply end the current clip and tap the record button to begin a new one.

Step 3: Edit the Original Content

With an uploaded or recorded video available, it's time to jump into the editing. During this process, you'll want to ensure you're refining your video before it's shown to your audience. After uploading or recording your video, the first editing step is aligning the video. This is helpful if you're recording multiple video clips, allowing you to add transitions.

If you want further editing options, click "Edit Clips" at the bottom of your screen. In this menu, you'll be able to trim videos, add stickers, drawings, or other details.

Let's go over some of the most commonly used editing features for the Reels tab.

  • Length and Speed

Using these two features allows you to change the length and speed of your video. You can opt for 15, 30, 60, or 90 seconds per video and .3x, .5x, 2x, 3x, or 4x speeds.

  • Original Audio

Adding an audio clip to your Instagram Reels is a great way to make them stand out.

With this tool, you can import Instagram library music or your own tracks saved to your device. You can also record a voice-over, which can be great for certain types of Reels content like DIY videos.

  • Layout

If you're interested in adding more than one video in the same frame, this is the tool you'll need to use.

Step 4: Customize Your Settings

Once you're satisfied with the overall look and feel of your Instagram Reels, you can begin customizing the more in-depth settings for your post. These features are essential for using Instagram's algorithm to push your content to a larger audience.

You'll find a "Next" button in the bottom right corner that will take you to these settings. There are multiple features you can tailor, including:

  • Location

Add a location to your Instagram Reels for users by tagging where you are.

  • Caption

You can quickly add a caption to help further engage your audience.

  • Facebook Recommendations

This feature is ideal if you want your content automatically pushed to your target audience on Facebook. It works with Meta's algorithm to show your Reel to those who would find it most helpful.

  • Auto Captions

As an outstanding, accessible feature, you can choose to disable or enable auto-generated captions.

  • Posting Location

This tool lets you decide whether to post your Instagram Reels on your feed and the dedicated Reels page.

Step 5: Posting the Content

At this point, you've entirely created a professional-level Instagram Reel to share with your audience.

All that's left is to post it and share it with your current and prospective followers. By clicking "Share," your Reel will be pushed to your profile and ready to be viewed after processing.

How Can I Make My Reels More Engaging?

Make My Reels More Engaging

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Engaging content helps you boost your overall following and boost engagement across your entire profile. You can use multiple tips to refine the quality of your Reels, making them more effective to your audience.

Let's review a few of these tips to help you make the most of Instagram as a business.

Tip 1: Use Trending Audio From the Music Library

A music library is a phenomenal way to make your series of clips more engaging. As a creator, it's a massive benefit to use trending audio on your Reels.

Like hashtags, specific original audio files create a catalog of uploaded Reels on a separate page that use the same sound. It is a great way to have your video help you gain more popularity among users searching for specific audio.

Another considerable benefit of trending audio is that it puts you at the forefront of the platform's algorithm.

Videos with audio tend to be the most recommended to active users, as the algorithm sees the audio as popular and, therefore, people want to hear it. Using this to your advantage can push your video to a much larger audience.

Tip 2: Be a Consistent Poster When Creating Instagram Reels

It's far too often that Instagram users have one successful video and then take a break from uploading content.

Consistency is king, especially when it comes to social media platforms. Even if you don't have the most successful content, you'll want to ensure your Instagram feed has continuity.

The more regularly you upload different types of content, the more you'll be favored by Instagram's algorithm. It can also help keep your following engaged, especially as you'll provide regular content.

Not to mention, it's one of the best ways to keep your content fresh and exciting.

A massive tip for maintaining posting consistency is using a third-party app to help schedule Reels. Planners help you create schedules to ensure your content is posted on a specific day of the week at a particular time.

You'll essentially be automating the social media strategy for your brand.

Tip 3: Understand the Instagram Reels Algorithm

One of the most important tips for any social media user is a solid understanding of how a platform's algorithm works. The algorithm is solely responsible for matching your content with interested audiences worldwide.

You must know the ins and outs of the high-quality Reels algorithm ranging from hashtags to trending sounds.

Tip 4: Collaborate on IG Reels

One of the more exciting features of Reels is that it lets you collaborate with other creators on the platform. Before pushing your video to your page, you can access a tagging feature by clicking "Tag People."

You'll need to select "Invite Collaborator," which allows you to tag another Instagram user. With this process, you can tag another personality in your content.

It is an essential tool because it pushes your Reel to your page and their user base.

Social media collaborations were massive in the past, and today, they're equally important to reach relevant audiences. You can easily capture the attention of two different audiences using the same 15-second pre-recorded videos.

You can also entice other creators to partake in future projects with you, garnering an even larger audience over time.

Other Key Tips for Making Effective Instagram Reels

Apart from the tips provided above, here are other tips to keep in mind:

  • Create entertaining Reels using emotional and relatable content
  • Mix 15-second videos and 90-second Reels to keep your content fresh
  • Keep a collection of featured Reels to display on your page
  • Consider video editing tools to create individual Reels
  • Ensure you post fun videos and energetic videos to maintain viewership

Using Instagram Reels Effectively

Learning how to use Instagram Reels is just as easy as tailoring the look of your Insta grid.

With many editing features and easy-to-use Instagram Reels editing tools, everything you need is built into the "Reels" feature. It's also one of the most special tools on the platform by Instagram's algorithm, helping boost your growth.