How to Sell on Instagram Shop: Turning Your Insta Into an Online Mall

1 month ago
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There are many ways to learn how to sell on Instagram shop, which can be a fantastic way to lead your followers down your sales funnel.

With the ability to transform your ordinary feed into a shopping paradise, your followers and analytics will thank you. There are many innovative features built into Instagram Shopping, which is why it's one of the fastest-growing features on the platform.

What Is Instagram Shopping?

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At first glance, you might assume Instagram Shopping is a feature that directs your followers to your website, where they can make purchases. However, it's far more intuitive, as it allows brands to create a fully shareable product catalog directly through Instagram Business.

As mentioned, it's a tool you can use to begin creating an online mall with all of your products in one spot. A few other unique benefits Instagram Shopping brings to the table include:

Product Information

Instead of visiting a third-party website, Instagram Shopping educates customers about products directly on the app. You can learn about products, what's included, and even the materials used during manufacturing.

Direct Checkout

Another feature that's helpful instead of being redirected to another site is the checkout process. Shoppers can buy items through Instagram directly, or they can choose to finish their transaction on the eCommerce business' website.

Customizable Storefront

When users visit your Instagram Shop, they'll first be greeted by your customized storefront as a part of your social media strategies. It is quite similar to opening your own store on an independent website.

You can tailor the images and features of the landing page to entice your customers to make purchases and discover more products.


If you have a range of products you want to be displayed together, you'll love your ability to make curated collections.

You can group specific items on this page, so they're all recommended at once. For example, if you have different colorways for the same type of shoe, they'll be displayed on the same page.

Shopping Tags (Shopping Bag Icon)

There are endless ways to tag products to direct customers straight to your Instagram Shop. You can add tags to your regular posts, Instagram Reels, and Instagram Stories.

It's a phenomenal way to transform the buying process, helping your followers directly buy items featured in your posts.

Shop Discovery Tab

Another feature that comes in handy when shopping for products on Instagram is the "Discovery" tab.

You can browse many items from big and small brands worldwide on this page. It's like shopping through a mall, but all on your smartphone or tablet.

How Do I Start Selling on Instagram Shopping?

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The very first thing you'll need to do before being able to start selling your products on Instagram Shopping is to get approved.

Businesses must meet specific benchmarks to be eligible to post their products. It helps ensure all stores on Instagram are of the highest quality, preventing scams and other ill-intent from appearing on the platform.

The criteria every eCommerce business must meet include:

Supported Market

As expected, your business must be in a supported country to be able to use Instagram Shopping. Fortunately, most countries currently support the feature, so you should be in luck.

Product Type

Another term you must meet to be eligible to use this feature is that your products must be physical in nature and suitable. You'll need to sell tangible items that don't break the site's community guidelines.

Merchant Agreement

Like with any platform you intend to use to sell products, there will be terms to agree to. With Instagram, there are commerce policies and a merchant agreement to read carefully.

Business owners must abide by these rules or have their shoppable content removed from the visual platform.

Profile Type

Your eCommerce business must have an Instagram Business profile to be eligible to use Instagram Shopping. Fortunately, it takes a few seconds to switch to a business profile if you've always used a personal account.

How to Sell on Instagram Shop: A User-Friendly Guide

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With a good idea of the benefits of Instagram Shop and its powerful tools, you're likely curious about how you can put it to good use.

Let's review the user-friendly steps to begin selling your product inventory directly through Instagram. It's a fantastic opportunity for large and small businesses alike.

Step 1: Create a Business Account

As mentioned earlier, one must-have feature of using Instagram Shopping is to own a business account. You can also make a Creator account if you're an influencer looking to push your physical products to your audience.

Making a business profile is relatively easy and doesn't require any special documentation to get started.

With access to Instagram Shopping, you'll unlock the massive benefit of having analytics as a business account. It allows you to use specific metrics to get more followers and develop more engaging content for your demographic.

To open a business account as a new user, you simply select it instead of a personal account when signing up.

If you're the owner of an existing personal account and want to switch, navigate to your Instagram account settings. At the bottom of the list, you can click "Switch to Professional Account" to begin the process.

All the steps are extremely straightforward, and you'll be guided through the setup.

Step 2: Create a Facebook Page

Interestingly, owning an Instagram Shop is impossible unless you have a Facebook Page. This process takes a little extra time but can be well worth it.

With a Facebook page, you can create a community for your potential customers to gather and chat about your product details. It's also a great resource to gather user-generated content and reviews for your products.

Apart from all these benefits, it's simply necessary to be able to own an Instagram Shop. Once you've created your page, you'll need to link it to your Instagram profile.

This process is easy; all you have to do is click "Edit Profile" on Instagram and select "Page" on the Public Business Information tab. Quickly choose your business page to link the two together, and you can move on to the next step.

Step 3: Begin Adding Featured Products

At this point in the process, it's time to start adding your products to your Instagram Shop.

There are two distinct options: manually input your list of products using the Facebook Business Manager or upload a pre-existing product database. A pre-existing database can be helpful if you already have one set up through eCommerce platforms like Shopify.

Facebook Business Catalog Manager

Facebook Business Catalog Manager

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If you have to upload your product posts manually, you'll do so with the help of the Facebook Business Catalog Manager.

When you're logged into your business account on Facebook, you'll need to navigate to the "Commerce Manager." From there, click "Get Started" and begin creating your product catalog.

You must select eCommerce, as this is about the products you'll post on Instagram. You'll then be prompted to decide how you want to add products to your store. "Upload Product Info" is the option to choose, as you'll manually input the details for the items in your store.

Be sure to assign the catalog to your account and create a distinct name that you won't forget.

Once complete, click "Create," and your catalog will be ready for customization. Returning to the Commerce Manager, open the catalog and click "Add Items," "Add Manually," and "Next."

You'll then need to input all the details for each product, including the image, description, and name. Do this for all the items you intend to post on your Instagram store.

Using a Pre-Existing eCommerce Database

The second option for adding products to your Instagram Shop is to use a pre-existing database. It is the simplest solution, especially for companies with a third-party shop through an eCommerce platform.

To begin this step, you'll need to revisit Facebook's Commerce Manager.

Under the "Catalog" tab, click "Data Sources," "Add Items," then "Use a Partner Platform." It will bring you a list of eCommerce platforms integrated with the Commerce Manager, including BigCommerce, Quipt, Shopify, adMixt, CommerceHub, and many more.

Using the on-screen instructions, link your partner platform to your Facebook account.

Step 4: Get Your Instagram Store Reviewed

Once you have all of your products and product tags uploaded to your catalog, it's time to get your store reviewed before it can be published. This process can take a couple of days or longer, depending on how backlogged Instagram's review process is.

To submit your store for review, you'll need to access your Instagram profile settings.

You can click "Sign Up for Instagram Shopping" and follow the on-screen instructions. It's also possible to track the approval process by visiting the "Shopping" tab on your settings page.

Step 5: Publish Your Shop

If your store has been approved, you're well on your way to selling products directly through your social media content.

To publish, you'll need to turn Instagram Shopping on, pushing your store to your target audience. You'll want to visit your profile settings on Instagram, select "Business," and then "Shopping."

The final step is to choose the product catalog you want to be linked to your profile. Once selected, click "Done," and you'll have shoppable products with descriptions ready for your audience to enjoy.

Tips for Selling Products on Instagram Shop

Tips for Selling Products on Instagram Shop

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With a professional-looking store available to your audience, it's time to determine how you can make more sales on the platform. Let's review some fantastic tips to help you get started for your next product launch.

Tip 1: Create Shoppable Posts

By far, the most popular way to drive more traffic to your Instagram store is to create shopping posts for product discovery.

These posts allow you to tag specific elements that direct followers to your product pages. For example, you can tag a picture of a shirt a model's wearing, which leads straight to a shoppable product.

These shopping stickers are a fantastic way to streamline the buying process. It gives your followers direct access to the items that most interest them.

A few other things to note when creating shopping posts for the ideal customers include:

  • Use high-quality photos (might require third-party tools)
  • Tag popular items for maximum engagement
  • Link to all of your sales channels during the tagging process
  • Always make sure shoppable items are on your social media posts

Tip 2: Use Product Stickers

Instagram Stories is another fundamental feature to use as a business or influencer.

With Stories, you can upload product stickers that help you tag specific products on your posts. These tags help to add shoppable links to one of the most attractive features of Instagram.

Tip 3: Take Advantage of Instagram Ads

Undoubtedly, ads on any social media platform can be helpful. However, shopping ads on Instagram have a ton of benefits.

They'll be pushed to a considerably larger audience and allow you to make shopping through ads simpler.

If someone who receives the ad is interested in the depicted product, they click a quick tag to bring them to the shop page. This streamlined process will surely help to boost your conversions and sales, generating considerably more income.

To learn more about Instagram ads, visit your Ads Manager.

Tip 4: Start Hosting Live Shopping Streaming

There's nothing more engaging than live streamed content, especially if you want to engage your audience. With Instagram Live Shopping, brands can showcase their products, talk directly with customers, and allow them to shop through the live stream.

As the host, you can tag products at the bottom of the screen during your broadcast. It is extremely easy to implement since it also allows you to showcase how your products and services work.

As a new item is displayed on the broadcast, you can add a new link for people to shop through. Viewers who love your products can buy them within seconds of seeing them live.

Tip 5: Utilize User-Generated Content

User-generated content is a fabulous way to entice your followers to invest in your products. They're far more effective than typical reviews and testimonials, as it directly showcases how other customers love your products.

Collecting as much UGC as possible is essential when creating your Instagram Shop.

With user-generated content, you can add these posts directly to your feed. You can then tag your customers' products in the posts, creating shoppable links.

It's essentially two benefits in one, as prospective buyers have visual proof of how great your products are and can buy them effortlessly.

Tip 6: Don't Forget About Hashtags

Undoubtedly, the tagging feature on Instagram Shopping is its most helpful tool. However, this doesn't mean you should forget about hashtags.

Hashtags are a powerful force behind Instagram and help to catalog your content, boosting its visibility. That said, all of your shoppable posts, Reels, and Stories need to have relevant hashtags.

Every time a prospective follower or potential customer searches for a product, your content could be shown. For example, if someone looks for "vegan skincare," your shoppable posts could appear.

The integrated shopping tags allow them to purchase your items quickly through each post.

Successfully Selling Your Product on IG

Learning how to sell on Instagram Shop is something every business needs to master.

It's an efficient way to transform your grid into its own personal mall, showcasing your fabulous products and services. Your followers will love how easy it is to buy items rather than using third-party sites.