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8 Ways To Use Instagram for Business

6 months ago
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Having a list of the 8 ways to use Instagram for business can help you harness the true power of one of today’s most popular platforms. As a digital powerhouse, Instagram is undoubtedly among the essential platforms in every company’s marketing strategy. Fortunately, this means there are plenty of industry-leading tips you can use to get your social media strategy off the ground.

Why Should Businesses Use Instagram?

When emerging in a digital space, you must reach for the top platforms to get started on the right track. Learning how to use Instagram is essential, as it’s a phenomenal creative outlet for brands.

According to Instagram, 81% of its users rely on Insta search results to research products and services. That’s a massive number that all businesses should be taking advantage of, allowing them to reach a broader audience in their niche.

Without an Instagram business account, you could be cutting out a significant portion of your potential customers. Whether you’re a small or large business, you must begin using Instagram as a business as quickly as possible.

8 Ways To Use Instagram for Business

Knowing the depth of the platform is the first step to learning how to use Instagram for business. Let’s look at the multiple opportunities it opens for marketing teams to use for generating leads and sales.

Step 1: Create an Instagram Business Account

Creating a business Instagram account is the first step you should take before you even begin thinking about the marketing materials you want to post. Fortunately, the process is straightforward. Plus, it offers several exceptional benefits you’ll need to run successful marketing campaigns.

With a business account, you can optimize the content on your profile, add additional links to your bio, and access unique metrics.

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The metrics are by far the most impressive feature, allowing you to track the success of your profile. You’ll be able to review analytics, such as target demographic information, engagement rates on your posts, and more. Using this data, you can develop more effective strategies to boost engagement and brand awareness.

How To Create an Instagram Business Account

  • The first step is downloading the Instagram app on your smartphone or tablet. Alternatively, you can access the platform through a browser.
  • Navigate to the Sign Up page, entering the information for your business. Ideally, you’ll want to use a business email so that all of your social communications are in one convenient place.
  • Next, you’ll want to choose an identifiable brand-specific username and your password, similar to when creating a personal Instagram account.
  • After creating the personal account, you can then navigate to the Settings page to convert it to a business account.
  • When switching to a business account, make sure you link your Instagram with your other socials. Also, add extra details about your company, such as your website URL, a short biography, and contact information.

Step 2: Look at Instagram’s Features

With your newly created Instagram business account, it’s time to explore the platform’s many features. Aside from the standard grid where you can upload photos and videos, there are also Instagram Stories and Instagram Lives. With these two features, you can attract an even larger audience using quality content.

Instagram Stories

instagram story


Instagram Stories is one of the most powerful tools that marketing teams can use when learning how to use the platform. You simply upload short video snippets that advertise your products and services. Many companies also use it to humanize their brand, offering relatable content for their audiences.

Stories are unique because they are only available for 24 hours unless you archive them. Businesses can use Stories to let customers know about upcoming promotions and company updates. It’s also a fantastic way to show off public events and contests that your followers can join.

If you are less interested in posting short videos, Instagram Stories also allows users to create Boomerangs. Boomerangs are essentially live photos that loop. By adding some text and stickers to your post, you can develop actionable posts for your followers.

Instagram Live

Another essential tenet of business Instagram is learning how to leverage the helpfulness of Instagram Live. Live streams are a fantastic way to engage with your customers in real-time, making them a fantastic solution for humanizing your brand. As a brand owner, you can host live AMAs (Ask Me Anything’s), showcase new products and services, or have a quick chat.

Instagram Live falls between standard live streaming services and Instagram Stories. After your Live is finished, it disappears from your page after 24 hours. Hence, it’s a great way to give behind-the-scenes information about your business to your core audience.

Another great aspect of this feature is that you can edit it after Live has finished. Users can add filters, stickers, and other actionable content to the live stream before it goes on their profile.

Instagram Reels

As a newer addition to the platform, Instagram Reels is an essential facet to learning how to use Instagram. It’s a fabulous tool, somewhat like Lives and Stories combined. With Reels, you can upload short-form videos that could be featured on the Explore page.

When using Instagram for business, being featured on the Explore page is something every account owner wants. It’s one of the best ways for your target audience to find your content while browsing the platform. Also, it can help boost engagement on your posts by more than 10 times, helping establish your online reputation.

That said, Reels only allows for 15-second videos, so you will need to sharpen your quick marketing skills. Reels is a fantastic tool for business Instagram accounts because of its editing features. After filming, you can add audio effects, and visual effects, and use other creative tools.

Step 3: Focus on Image Quality

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The central premise of learning how to use Instagram for business is understanding how the platform works. It’s a content-sharing platform that allows you to post photos and videos with short captions. You’ll want to ensure all of your images have a professional edge to them.

To get an idea of what content your business Instagram should have, look at your competitors. You will find that their photos are crisp and engaging, designed professionally, and edited to perfection. When creating the grid for your brand, your photos should be equally engaging and aesthetically pleasing.

Step 4: Interact With Your Customers

Instagram Live is a fantastic way to engage with your target audience. With an Instagram business account, you will learn even more ways to get in touch with consumers. Let’s look at the user-friendly tools you can use to boost communication using this social platform.

  • Commenting

As a business, your posts’ comments section is one of the best tools you can use to connect with customers on Instagram. You can answer customer questions, boost excitement about a specific launch, or direct them to DMs (Direct Messages) for further assistance.

  • Liking

Another great way to engage with your audience is to start liking posts you’re tagged in. For example, if a customer tries your product, loves it, posts about it, and tags you, why not drop a like on their profile? Doing this ensures a more personal marketing approach and also helps build brand loyalty.

  • Direct Messaging

DMs are ideal when you want to have a private conversation with a single person or a group. Like an instant messenger, businesses can directly communicate with one party instead of commenting. Many companies use DMs as an avenue for customer service, assisting customers outside of the public eye.

  • Tagging

Tagging is a fantastic tool you can use for brand partnerships and sponsorships. Whether you’re working with another company or an influencer, tagging them in your posts can grab their attention. If they interact with your post, it is then seen by their followers and yours, boosting engagement ten-fold.

Step 5: Advertising Options On Business Instagram

instagram ads


Apart from learning how to use Instagram as a marketing platform, they are also a unique ad platform. Businesses can have their profiles, products, and services pushed to their target audiences using ads.

When you buy advertising on business Instagram, your ads can show up in the feeds of those interested in what your brand offers. You can consider three main types of ads with an Instagram business account.

  • Carousel Ads

If you’re looking for an engaging advertising method, carousel ads can be helpful. They allow you to post several photos together, which users can then swipe through. It’s great for showcasing specific posts or product promos you want to share.

  • Video Ads

Video ads are undoubtedly the most engaging method of drawing eyes to your brand. With these ads, you simply upload a regular video post labeled as Sponsored. You can also customize the length of the video ad, making it shorter or longer as needed.

  • Photo Ads

If you’re interested in a straightforward marketing approach, photo ads are ideal. All they are is a single photo that looks identical to your profile’s grid posts. Like video ads, they are labeled as Sponsored by viewers.

Step 6: Selling Products On Instagram

instagram shopping


One of the more recent features of Instagram business accounts is the addition of the Shop tab. When learning how to use Instagram, it’s essential that you capitalize on this feature. With the Shop tab, you can help your followers find and buy products directly through your profile.

Instead of generating leads to your website, Instagram allows consumers to buy straight through the app. The only thing customers need to do is select an item, input their billing and shipping info, and process the payment. The transaction then goes through, you earn a new customer, and the product is shipped.

Along with the specific Shop tab, a business Instagram account also has access to shoppable posts. With these posts, you will upload a photo as you normally would, but you can add unique tags to items in the post. For example, if you are marketing footwear, you would add a tag that directs customers to the purchase page for the shoes.

That said, shoppable posts aren’t available to every Instagram user. You will require a business Instagram account and have to agree to their commerce and merchant policies. You can then create a product catalog using BigCommerce, Facebook, or Shopify.

Step 7: Create Promotions and Giveaway

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When you decide you want to use Instagram as a business, you will need to draw more attention to your page. With the millions of users on the platform daily, your content needs to stand out.

Using promotions and giveaways is a sure-fire way to get more followers, higher engagement numbers, and potential sales. Not to mention, the creative nature of Instagram makes it easy to market contests and promos.

You can use Instagram Live to announce upcoming giveaways or even make 24-hour Stories posts. Alternatively, you can add a post to your regular grid to advertise promotions that your followers can engage with.

The most important thing to consider when learning how to use Instagram is ensuring your sweepstakes follow the platform’s guidelines. Accounts that don’t follow Instagram’s rules can get deleted or shadowbanned.

Step 8: Embed Your Instagram Content Everywhere

Using Instagram as a business can be hugely beneficial, especially for off-platform use. Instead of using Insta to direct consumers to your website, you can use your site to drive Instagram traffic. By embedding your content on all of your other socials, you can reap even more benefits from the platform.

Fortunately, Instagram makes it easy for accounts to post their content elsewhere. All you have to do is copy and paste the sharable code to your blog, company site, or even your Twitter feed. After posting, you can then watch how your metrics increase as you drive traffic through all of your socials.

Embedding is also a fabulous feature of business Instagram when working with other brands and influencers. You can encourage others to share your posts on their platforms and get their followers to view your content. This level of networking is an essential facet to learning how to use Instagram.

Using IG for Business

If you want to use Instagram as a business, you must have a list of ways you can wield the platform’s power to the fullest. With the help of these eight tips, you’d be well on your way to building an aesthetically-pleasing, marketing-rich social media page. There is an endless list of ways to use Instagram for business, making it one of the best social media platforms.