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why do i need to increase instagram live views?

If you’ve ever gone to watch an Instagram live yourself, you’ve probably experienced clicking on it, seeing that there are only one or two viewers, and leaving immediately. Since there are very few viewers, the content can’t be very interesting, or you don’t want to be part of a broadcast that no one else is a part of. Having more viewers means you have increased credibility and you have more of a chance to increase your following and promote your account.

This is one of the many reasons why you need a good number of views when you start your own Instagram live. When you are broadcasting to a large audience, whether it’s hundreds or thousands of viewers, your motivation immediately increases. You feel more confident when talking to those who are watching and you are more likely to have a successful live stream.

Trying to advertise your live stream or simply rely on your followers to view your broadcast can be difficult and it’s not always reliable. That’s why when you buy Instagram live views, it can be one of the best ways to promote your account quickly without having to put too much work into it. You gain viewers from your target audience instantly, and you can continue your broadcast without worrying about no one watching it.

how to get more viewers on instagram live with

When you buy Instagram live video views with, it is effortless and the choice of how many views you receive is completely up to you. Before you start your live video, have a think about how many views you’d like, then simply place your order and we’ll ensure those views turn up for your live stream. They’ll start to join within minutes.

Before you tell us how many views you’d like and confirm your purchase, you will need to start by starting a live video broadcast on Instagram. Once it has started, then you head over to and start the process. You first let us know how many views you would like. Whether you want as few as 50 views or as many as 1,000 views, we can accommodate your needs. You’ll need to provide us with a link to your Instagram live, so we know where to send your new viewers. After that, all you have to do is add to cart and confirm the payment with your chosen method.

Once everything is confirmed, you’ll start seeing your Instagram live viewers increase from as little as five minutes. If you decide after a while that you would like even more views, you can complete the process again and purchase a larger package from us.

is it safe to buy instagram live views?

With, it’s completely safe to buy Instagram live video views with us. We put your safety at the forefront of everything we do, ensuring you have a positive experience when you buy any package with us. We will never ask for your social media passwords, nor will we request any private or sensitive information.

We always follow the Instagram guidelines and rules, ensuring that the views you receive are legitimate and work with the algorithm. When you purchase Instagram live views with us, you enjoy peace of mind knowing that your account is safe and secure while you grow your brand or business.

how long do live views last?

How long the accounts stay on your live broadcast is up to you. You let us know how long you want your live views to stay and they will be present for that entire time. When you buy Instagram live video views from, you’ll start to see them join your Instagram live within minutes and they can stay for up to an hour, ensuring you get great visibility on each live broadcast you make.

how fast will i receive the live views?

The great think about buying Instagram live views with is that you will start to receive them five to 15 minutes after your purchase. So you can start your live stream knowing that you will get the audience you deserve, which will in turn encourage others to check out your broadcast and start to interact with you.

can people see i’ve paid for live views?

No, there is no way for people to know you have decided to increase Instagram live views by purchasing them with Just as if your current followers were to appear on your live broadcast, your bought views will appear in exactly the same way, offering a positive impression of your business or personal brand so you can start to grow your influence.

can my instagram account be banned for buying live views?

No, this will not happen when you buy Instagram live video views with us. You will receive real views from real accounts, so Instagram will see that you are receiving live views, that is all. At we love Instagram and simply want to support people using the platform to build their following, so we never take unnecessary risks with your account.

what are the advantages when i buy instagram live views?

When you increase Instagram live views for each of your broadcasts, you are giving your personal brand or business a competitive advantage. If other accounts see that your live streams are popular, with a large amount of engagement, it encourages them to continue watching to see what the hype is about. This can also lead to them staying with your brand for longer and even becoming trusted followers. You also have the opportunity to appear on the ‘for you’ pages of Instagram. This will help you organically grow an even larger number of viewers and followers, helping your brand in the long run.

how do i start a live broadcast on instagram?

Before you buy Instagram live views from us, you’ll need to start a broadcast through Instagram first. The process for doing this is incredibly simple.

• Start on your usual Feed page and swipe right so you are on the tab with your camera.

• At the bottom, you’ll have options such as post, story, reel, and live. Ensure you click the live option.

• You’ll be able to see how many of your followers are active on the platform at the top and make an informed decision about whether it’s the best time to start a live stream.

• Before you start, you may also add a title by moving towards the left-hand side column, tapping the Title option, and then add your chosen title.

• From there, you are ready to go. Click the record button at the button and you are now live. You’ll be able to see the number of Instagram live video views at the top of your screen and the comments will appear at the bottom.

• If you would like to add a comment yourself to interact even further with your viewers, you can do so by selecting the Comment option at the bottom of your screen. To pin the comment to the top, so all viewers can see it once they have joined the live stream, simply select the Pin comment option.

• When you are finished with your live stream and it has served its purpose, simply select End at the top right of your screen, and then select Confirm.

• You will have the option to save your live stream to your camera roll or post it as a video to your profile.

what are some instagram live ideas?

Unsure of what to do for your Instagram live? Below are some ideas that help take brands or businesses to the next level and encourage a greater amount of Instagram live video views each time.

• You can collaborate with someone else in your industry, sharing insights, ideas, and success stories with each other. This is a particularly good idea if you’re building up your brand as an influencer, because it encourages and motivates other people.

• Go live when you’re doing something interesting or associated with your brand. For example, if your business is a travel agency, when you’re in one of the countries abroad, go live and show your followers in real time what it’s like to book a holiday with you.

• Host a tutorial and show your viewers how to use your product or how your service works. This builds trust when they can see the results in real time without any edits. If they see it works well, you’re more likely to generate sales and gain a larger following.’s Instagram Services

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