7 Reasons You’re Stuck + Why You Should Buy Instagram Followers

11 months ago
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7 Reasons Why Your Instagram Isn't Getting Likes + What To Do

If your Instagram numbers stall out, it can seem like a never-ending battle you can’t win. It might feel that no matter what you post, your likes and followers will stay the same. 


But that’s not always the case. 

Looking at the content you post, and when and how you post it, can help you identify reasons your Instagram isn’t flourishing. These could include uninteresting content, irregular posting, or skipping out on Instagram’s other tools. 


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Another mistake you could be making is not buying Instagram followers. Using Likes.io — where you can also buy Instagram auto likes or buy Instagram views for your videos — can help supplement your numbers and lead to organic growth. 


The one you might considering is choosing right instagram hashtags, but if not done correctly, you lose number of right audiences. 


Once you correct these missteps, you’ll be on your way to increasing your Instagram presence.


Read on to learn why you should buy Instagram auto likes and the seven reasons your Instagram isn’t getting likes, including: 

  • Posting boring content 
  • Posting inconsistently
  • Not engaging users 
  • Forgetting to optimize posts
  • Not using Instagram’s other tools 
  • Being impatient with your follower count
  • Not buying Instagram followers 

1. Your Content Is Lackluster


If people don’t want to see your content, then they’re not going to follow you. Simple as that. 


Whether you buy Instagram followers or go organic, you need to have good content. So, make an effort to assess the quality of your posts. Is it something you’d like if you saw it on your feed? How can you make it more enjoyable? 


Look at your favorite creators or exciting companies on Instagram, and see how you can learn from them for your profile.


2. You Post Inconsistently


Posting sporadically can hurt your account because users don’t know when to expect your content. If you go a few days without posting and then share a few pictures in succession, viewers might miss your posts.


Choosing how often you post will depend on your company, but it’s better to opt for regularity so users can get in rhythm with your account and anticipate your content.


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3. You’re Not Engaging Users With Calls to Action


Give users a reason to comment on your posts. Using a call to action in a post is an excellent way to encourage dialogue. 


Ask users questions or for advice on different subjects, and make sure to reply to user comments. That way, users will remember you, and you can build a relationship with your customers. Plus, you might learn something from your audience. 


4. You’re Not Optimizing Posts With Hashtags


You might think hashtags are a tool of the past. But if you ignore the importance of hashtags, you could sabotage your success. Hashtags can help you connect with your target audience, and they can also introduce you to new communities on Instagram. 


No matter what niche you’re in, you can benefit from including hashtags in your post. Each category — from health and lifestyle to retail to travel  — have their own best hashtags to use. 


Research your audience and the community you want to connect with to find the most useful hashtags.


number of instagram hashtags vs reach rate per feed



5. You’re Not Using Instagram’s Other Tools


Video is skyrocketing in popularity on Instagram with a higher amount of engagement over other types of posts. If you don’t use Instagram’s video offerings like IGTV, Stories, or Reels, you could miss out. 


Instagram reports businesses are responsible for one-third of the highest-viewed Stories on the platform. Views can help you boost your profile’s validity, which is one reason to consider buying Instagram views to get you started. 


instagram feed and instagram stories


The popularity of stories continues to rise, and with the introduction of Instagram Reels, it’s essential to make the most of all the tools at your disposal. That way, your viewers will have multiple ways to engage with your profile. 


Embed: https://www.instagram.com/reel/CEYMhzvJXdZ/


6. You’re Impatient With Your Follower Count


You can’t grow a following overnight. If you’re just starting, it will take time to get traction with users on Instagram. Beginning to use video or incorporate hashtags is a significant step. You just need to give it time for people to connect with your profile. 


Don’t be discouraged. Focus on making the best page you can, and leave the rest up to the social media algorithm. 

But if you want a quicker solution, you can buy Instagram views or followers to help out in the meantime. This leads to the final reason you might be stuck. 

7. You’re Not Buying Instagram Followers


While you may question the validity of buying Instagram views, likes, or followers, it can be a helpful tool to help you get ahead. It’s true that buying Instagram auto likes or views can go against Instagram’s policy, but only if they’re fake


When you decide to buy Instagram views, you’ll want to choose a company that will deliver real Instagram activity, such as Likes.io.


Why You Should Buy Instagram Followers With Likes.io


One of the most efficient ways to improve your online presence is to buy Instagram followers or buy Instagram auto likes with Likes.io. 


At Likes.io, we offer genuine Instagram activity from real accounts. Unlike companies that provide fake activity, our engagement doesn’t violate Instagram’s terms of services and is a legitimate way to help grow your following. 


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Final Thoughts: 7 Reasons You’re Stuck + Why You Should Buy Instagram Followers


Don’t be discouraged if your Instagram isn’t garnering as much activity as you’ve hoped. There might be simple mistakes you’re making that hinder your profile. 


Take a look at your content and make sure your posts are engaging and entertaining. Optimize the captions with hashtags and calls to action, and use different Instagram tools. Be patient as your following grows, or try buying Instagram auto likes for an efficient boost to your page.


Likes.io offers services for every type of Instagrammer and is committed to helping you enhance your Instagram presence.  


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