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Our system immediately assigns followers to your account when you place an order with us. To prevent potential issues with Instagram's spam detection, we use a specialized algorithm developed over the past 10 years to distribute the new followers for a few days gradually.

This method guarantees that Instagram's algorithm will not flag your account. The rate at which we add new followers is determined by the size of your current audience and your desired target audience.

The more followers you already have, the faster we can roll out your order. Typically, rollouts are completed within 48 hours of your purchase. Our delivery time is the fastest among all providers.
We understand the importance of maintaining a legitimate social media presence, which is why we only provide authentic, high-quality followers. Cheap, low-quality followers can lead to account flags or bans, and we want to ensure that our clients avoid such penalties.

All the followers provided by us are real users, ensuring that your account's integrity remains intact while using our services.

Our team has extensive experience in this field, and we have a successful track record of growing thousands of accounts through our methods. We have not encountered a single account being banned due to purchasing followers from .
The number of followers you have can greatly impact your online presence. Many viewers use the number of followers as a gauge of credibility before deciding to follow an account. This phenomenon is known as "social proof" and is crucial for building brand awareness. A low follower count may prevent people from taking you seriously, even if you are an expert in your field. Instagram places a great emphasis on numbers, and a large follower count is a key aspect of a strong presence on the platform.

Whether you are a new account looking to gain traction quickly or an established account needing a boost, buying followers from can be a beneficial decision for your Instagram account. We provide organic followers within minutes of placing your order.

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We offer various packages that cater to the specific needs of your brand. To start, you should determine whether you want high-quality followers or premium followers. The high-quality package is suitable for accounts with a substantial following and looking for a slight increase.

The premium package is ideal for those serious about expanding their accounts on a large scale or brand-new accounts with less than 5000 followers.

The premium package has a minimal drop-off rate and lasts several years after purchase.

Both packages are available in quantities of 500 , 1000 , 2500 , or 5000 new followers per purchase.
WHY CHOOSE LIKES.IO? was established by a team of social media experts with over 15 years of experience on various platforms. We continuously test and improve our methods to stay ahead of the competition. Instagram influencers often include us in their marketing strategy to enhance their engagement rate. We have invested significant time and effort in perfecting our craft over the past decade. We are constantly running tests within the Instagram ecosystem, enabling us to identify the optimal rate to roll out new followers.

Our system only uses real users, ensuring that your account will not run into any issues with Instagram's terms of service.

The impact of your new followers will be greatly more significant than what bot-driven services or hashtag-based methods can achieve. If that's not enough, our 100,000 satisfied monthly recurring customers, who trust us as their preferred Instagram growth service, speak for themselves.
We only require your Instagram username to start. We never request your password or any personal or private information about your account. We accept a variety of payment methods, including all major credit cards and PayPal (available soon).
Acquiring a large number of followers may seem like a good idea, but if they are fake, it can lead to your account being flagged for violating Instagram's terms of service. High-quality followers are distinguished by their authenticity and engagement, which is why at, we only provide authentic and high-quality followers. Low-quality followers often have minimal engagement and are frequently removed by Instagram.

This is known as "drop-off" and can result in a temporary increase in followers that quickly decreases as the accounts are deleted. Our goal is to provide a service that ensures your purchased followers remain active on your account.

We offer two options:

High-Quality Followers , which have profile pictures but no further uploads.

Premium Followers, which have profile pictures and regularly posted quality content.

At, we employ a system that generates authentic followers, helping to increase your following without the risk of a drop-off a few weeks later. Unlike other social media marketing sites, we only use real accounts from real people, not fake ones, to ensure your followers' authenticity and longevity.

Although drop-off is rare in our ecosystem, we will replace lost followers within 30 days of your order. Our commitment to quality is why we have been the top provider of Instagram services since 2011.
How to buy Instagram followers?
Many websites and services offer to sell Instagram followers, but it's important to keep in mind that these followers are often not real people, and they may not engage with your content. This can harm your account's credibility and reputation.

If you do choose to purchase Instagram followers from a trusted website like ours, here is how you can do it:
1. Search for a reliable service: Look for a service with positive reviews and a secure payment process.

2. Choose your package: Most services offer different followers packages; choose the one that suits your needs.

3. Provide your account information: You will need to provide your Instagram username or link to your profile.

4. Make the payment: Pay for the followers using a secure payment method.

5. Wait for the delivery: The service should deliver the followers to your account within a specified time frame.

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