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Frequently Asked Questions

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Does comply with Instagram rules?

Last Updated: April 01, 2022

Instagram constantly updates its regulations, and one of the advantages of using is our ability to stay on top of these changes. Our growth methods are as unobtrusive as possible and rely on accurate targeting and minimal automation. We successfully help brands grow their Instagram accounts while complying with Instagram’s regulations. You can rest assured we’ve never had an account we’ve worked with banned.

How do you choose my likes?

We target accounts from people who are highly likely to want to see, like and engage with your own content. Our automated likes service takes your inputs for similar brands, competitor sites and key influencer profiles and sends likes to their posts. If you buy 50 Instagram likes, each one will be sent to a carefully selected account for maximum impact.

With a service that uses location, hashtags and demographics to target your audience, you can be sure that every like counts. We maximize the possibility of return engagement by only liking posts that are deeply connected with your target market. It’s an efficient way to grow your brand on social media with no wasted effort.

Why are Instagram likes valuable?

Alongside comments, likes are the principal currency spent on Instagram. A like is an affirmation to the social media community that your post is useful, interesting or fun, and might be enjoyed by someone else too.

Not only do likes indicate the quality of your post and brand in general, they also show that many people think your account is worth following. The more likes your account receives, the better the ‘social proof’ of your popularity and quality. More likes also mean more exposure. Instagram uses an algorithm to choose which posts to show to larger audiences and having a more popular post will encourage Instagram to organically boost your brand.

Likes are also a way to encourage interaction. When someone likes a post, it’s common for the owner of the account to check out the profile of whoever gave the like, and it’s the perfect opportunity to gain a new follower.

With, we target specific accounts to ensure that your account only likes posts that connect directly to your desired market and demographic.

Why is it a monthly service ideal?

One of the key problems that people and businesses face on social media is consistency. Initial interest in growth is often high but can become more challenging to maintain over time, especially if growth begins to slow.

If your brand is inconsistent in the way you engage on social media, it will be hard to attract long-term followers who provide real value. If your efforts are sporadic, it will also be a challenge to build a reputation or sense of expertise in a market. By automating the monthly service, your followers will see your consistent approach and have faith that you are an account to be trusted.

With a monthly service, we provide a way to keep social media activity high, ensure that your followers remain engaged and growth continues.

Is my privacy protected?

Online privacy is a principal concern for every internet user, and we take your security and privacy very seriously. We do not collect your social media passwords and do not need to enter your account to provide our Instagram likes service. You can track your campaign, see your spending and progress, and stay in control. services will not affect your privacy and only uses your public profile information in order to help grow your account.

Why should I choose

With our long-term commitment to understanding and working with Instagram, we bring expertise and high-quality service to every user.

We stick to the rules of Instagram, and never promise more than we can deliver while consistently boosting your social media presence. That’s how we know our customers will value our tools. When you buy 100 Instagram likes from us you’ll get 100 opportunities to influence potential customers.

The social media world is confusing and complicated, and doing everything right can be a real challenge. With our automated and long-standing systems, we take much of the burden of Instagram use away from you.

You can see great growth results within a few days of signing up to and watch your account go from strength to strength as we deliver powerful results. When you buy a real Instagram like from us, you can feel confident it will count.

How fast is the service?

There’s no need to wait and see with Once you’ve submitted all the targeting information and told us about your brand and market, you’ll see results right from the beginning because we’ll get to work immediately.

Once you’re up and running, every time you post, you’ll see increased engagement from accounts that have received likes through our service. It’s about keeping the engagement constant. Rather than just flooding your account with followers once, this ongoing engagement of likes and Story views can really position you as an expert and will in turn boost your organic growth.

Does it work for businesses?

We have many business clients who want to explore the social media market and engage with key customers on the platforms they use. You can use business Instagram account options that make it even easier to manage the likes process than a normal account. There are more than a billion active Instagram accounts online. With 200 million users visiting at least one business profile every day, Instagram has become one of the most important marketing platforms in the world. uses a detailed targeting system to send likes to posts connected to strongly relevant accounts. Through our service, you can engage and connect with the right people. Traditional advertising routes like radio, television and print can’t offer the direct access, targeted efforts and brand image potential that Instagram does.

Today’s consumers have come to expect their favorite brands to not just make great products; they want them to speak their language too. If you aren’t doing it, then your competition almost certainly will be. Modern brands must communicate their ideas, image and services to their customers, and social media is the ideal place to do it. With a monthly contract, you can ensure your posts receive the engagement you want, which will position you as a more desirable brand and attract other similar types of followers within your target market.

How does Instagram work?

As soon as the internet became widespread and cellphones shrunk down to fit in our pockets, it was possible to develop applications that help us interact with our daily life in unique ways. Instagram is a photo and video-sharing application that allows you to create a personal or business profile, share your ideas and media, and grow a dedicated following. You can follow the accounts of other people and businesses, and then you’ll see the content they post in your feed. There are 24-hour temporary Stories, live videos and permanent posts, all helping you to show people your life or your business in different and interesting ways.

Posts can include extra features to help the right people see the posts they want to. You can ‘tag’ other accounts, so they see your specific post in a notification. You can also use hashtags, which allow you to reach a wider audience by adding a #word that others are interested in or are searching for. If your post is relevant to this audience, they are likely to like your post, comment or follow your account.

The more likes or comments your post gets, the more people that will see it. Not only do you gain more exposure for your post, but people will also see your content is popular, and are more likely to interact with it too. The social proof showing that your account is reliable and interesting is needed to grow your following.

How does this setup make Instagram one of the highest-valued and fastest-growing companies in the world? Well, every time that Cristiano Ronaldo posts, the 237 million people that follow him see it. When you remember that the most popular Game of Thrones episode got less than 13 million viewers, you may begin to understand the potential that Instagram and social media has.

Instagram manages to find a balance between being a great place to keep up with friends, as well as a dedicated platform that allows brands to talk to interested customers.

With responsible use, Instagram is a fantastic way to get to know the brands you love to buy from, find exciting new offers and develop your social circle.

How do Instagram likes work?

Instagram likes are a way that Instagram users can show interest and approval for content. They’re also how the popularity of a post is measured (along with comments). Content that gets more likes, in shorter time frames, is shown to more people (exposure) and leads to increased opportunities for growth, sales and customer communication.

When you like a post, that account receives a notification, and can see your profile and picture (and your posts too if your account is set to public). That means that by liking a post, there’s a chance the person will check out your account and follow you back if they like what they see.

You can increase the chances of your post getting more likes by taking advantage of Instagram’s features. With location tags, hashtag words, profile links and fun design options, your post can be exciting and engaging all at once.

Liking posts and having others like your post is one of the key points of engagement for Instagram content.

Why should I care about engagement on Instagram?

The only reason brands and businesses care about Instagram and think it’s a good marketing platform is engagement. This is the word we use to talk about the interactions that happen on social media, and the time you spend doing certain actions.

Essentially the more that your followers engage with your posts (through likes, comments, tags, hashtags and follows), the better your ability to influence behavior and drive business goals.

A financial brand that has the ability to directly post to 10,000 followers could have a clear advantage over a marketing business with only 2,000 followers. However, it all depends on their engagement rate. If 1,000 of the marketing brand’s followers like their post, that’s an engagement rate of 50%. If only 500 of the financial brand’s followers like their post, that’s an engagement rate of 5%. In this case, the smaller numbers of followers actually make a more effective account, and a more valuable one.

After Instagram launched in 2010, it didn’t take long for people to realise the value of engagement and a thriving community of influencers began to grow. These are personal accounts with large followings, normally centered around a very specific niche.

These accounts typically start as blog/vlog/personal accounts. Once their following grows, their content becomes even more specific and valuable for their target audience. Influencers are often separated into four categories:
  • ● Nano (less than 10,000 followers)
  • ● Micro (10,000 to 100,000 followers)
  • ● Macro (100,000 to 1 million followers)
  • ● Mega (1 million followers and upwards)

They are paid to promote a product, event or service that matches with their audience, and are often paid very well. People trust relatable influencers much more than they do traditional advertisements. This connection is worth $20-200 per post even for Nano-influencer accounts.

The social media industry is estimated to be worth around $10 billion in 2020, and much of this money is earned from targeted advertising to these audiences.

Is it too late for me to start a social media account?

Although the social media market can look very competitive, there are a lot of brands only half-heartedly invested in it. Few businesses really take advantage of being able to instantly communicate with millions of potential customers.

Many of your competitors are using social media to their advantage, and you should be too. While other accounts may have a head start and have already developed their following, it’s never too late. Every potential customer that you engage with won’t be a wasted effort. If you want your brand to be recognized, you need to make sure the message is out there.

Having a brand presence on Instagram is not just about generating a large following. You should also focus on producing quality content that shows off your brand voice or personal passions.

If you can create a unique offering, keep on top of the changing trends, and engage with lots of users, you are likely to be more successful than 90 per cent of the other brand accounts around.

How can I become an influencer?

All it takes is time, dedication, a flair for creating a striking image, some photography/digital media skills and a good understanding of how to build an audience.

Most influencer accounts focus on a specific topic or idea, like budget travel, female fashion or technology product reviews. As you post more interesting and specific content, your audience will grow, and your profile will become more and more attractive to advertisers.

If you’re looking to develop a profile in a particular niche, you’ll need to understand what’s profitable and what’s not. Topics like beauty, health and fitness and lifestyle and culture are all popular but highly competitive. The best plan is to identify your own passions and interests and find a way to add valuable content in that niche. Start by researching what successful people in that niche do and don’t do, and begin to build a following from there.

Influencers typically begin to see more success when they reach around 2,000 to 3,000 followers and can find monetization options when they attract around 10,000 followers. The more highly engaged your audience is, the more likely you are to be successful. This is usually measured by your engagement rate (number of likes and comments you get divided by your total number of followers).

It’s also important to remember that being an influencer doesn’t need to be all about monetization and can be used for different reasons. You could create an influential account in order to show expertise in your field and make your brand more trusted. You can use your popularity to drive traffic to your website and increase sales or raise awareness for a new product launch.

The possibilities are as endless as your creativity, and if you can think of a way that influence can be used to achieve a goal, then buying Instagram likes can help you.

What sort of content should I post for likes?

Your content should be relevant to the audience you want to talk to; it should be interesting, and it’s got to be attractive. It’s a great idea to post a variety of different content types:

● Photos - These are great for showing a snapshot of your business or life, relaying text information or creating a lasting impression.
● GIFs and Memes - These are the language of the internet and a great way to engage.
● Videos - Ideal for sharing dynamic and interesting scenes with more detail.
● Live Videos - Show off more real-life moments with authenticity.
● Stories - Instagram Stories are a unique way to give a behind-the-scenes look. They vanish after 24 hours.

There is also a great deal of information available about the best times to post and the best type of content, depending on your industry. You can tap into the wealth of knowledge available through analytical data provided by social media platforms. When you see that certain types of posts seem to get more likes and interaction than others, you can begin to adapt your method and see even more growth.

When you are thinking about the content you want to post, you should keep your brand and the image you want to present in mind. Every industry has its own popular style, and understanding your own niche is vital to success. Posting varied content that is consistent in theme and relevance can help you get more followers and more engagement.

Are there any basic mistakes to avoid making on Instagram?

Low-quality content – Almost everyone has access to a great camera nowadays, and there’s not really any excuse to post poorly lit, blurry or unclear photos. The bar has been set high on Instagram, so make sure that your content looks good and represents your brand the way you want it to.

Your bio - Your profile bio is one of the first things that visitors to your account will see. You need to think of this as your ‘landing page’ and try to find the best way to convert visitors to followers/customers.

The bio can be a great place to write a dynamic and catchy sentence that sums up the problem your business can solve and how.

Example of an uninteresting and poorly optimized bio – Fresh vegetables are great for your health.

Example of a dynamic and optimized bio – We bring fresh and healthy eating right to your door; follow us for more info!

By using a bio that grabs the interest of the visitor and gives them a reason to stay around, you can drive more conversions and grow your brand quickly.

Ignoring data and leads - many business Instagram users also forget the power of the data that you can collect. The people interacting with your account may only like a photo or comment once, but you can use these interactions to generate leads and build your customer database. If you are using targeted marketing with hashtags and geotags, then the users interacting with you are likely to be potential customers. You can take this information with you if you ever leave the platform too.

If you give your followers and visitors a reason to sign up for an emailing list/newsletter in your posts or profile, then you can use Instagram as an email lead-generation tool. Offer a valuable ebook, a free guide, or discounts in return for email sign-up, then you can grow your email list quickly and organically while adding value.

Posting too much or not enough – both of these errors will impact your Instagram success. If you post low-quality spam all day, no-one will want to engage with you or take your brand seriously. If you only post once a week, then your relevance and importance in the market will suffer too.

General advice suggests that posting around once a day is the best idea, with seven posts a week leading to good results. Adding more than four posts in a day waters down the impact of your message and reduces interaction.

Captioning posts badly– it can be a real head-scratcher to work out what to write in your post caption. Make sure that the caption connects to the post, is catchy and not too long, and uses the relevant hashtags and emojis. Using questions that promote comments and conversation can be a great way to improve engagement. Many accounts also use competitions, draws and special offers to make the post even more interesting.

Not making the most of Stories and live video – the Story tab appears at the very top of your Instagram app, and it’s the first thing that people see. When people recognize your logo and have enjoyed seeing Stories from you in the past, they are very likely to click on your Story.

As Stories appear at the top of Instagram feeds, only last a few seconds and disappear after 24 hours, there is very little commitment needed to view them. If you add multiple Stories throughout the day, people are likely to view even more of your content.

Should I use paid social media advertising?

Due to the competitiveness of the platform, it can be a good idea to give your account a boost for specific reasons. There are a few different ways to pay to increase your Instagram effectiveness. One is to buy Instagram likes from an automation site like The other is to use paid/sponsored advertising.

There are a few different ways to advertise with Instagram.

● Promote a post so that the typical range of people that see the post is greatly expanded. By targeting the people you want, these ads can encourage people to follow your account, or drive traffic to another site.
● Create the same type of adverts or sponsored posts in the Story section. These whole page ads can often have a cleaner and more striking look than more complicated posts and provide a fast way to show content to your potential audience.
● Create photo, video or Story adverts that are shown to many more people than your normal posts. You can target your advertising to specific locations and audiences, ensuring every dollar you spend goes towards business growth.

When you are considering advertising on Instagram, make sure you analyze your return on investment (ROI). You want whatever costs you put towards advertising to be balanced by the positive impact on your business. Of course, it can be hard to extract an exact number, but that’s why you need to be monitoring sales to ensure that if you see an uptick you know it comes from the Instagram ad and can work out a ratio between the money spent on the advert and the money earned in sales.

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There are hundreds of sites offering Instagram boosting services from automated likes to fake followers. stands out with our commitment to the regulations of Instagram (safeguarding your account), our deep knowledge of how to grow on Instagram and the speed of our service.

Services that offer to add 10,000 followers for $5 are obviously too good to be true. If buying instagram followers in that way worked, everyone would be a successful Instagram influencer with 500,000 followers. Overusing these services means running the risk of an account ban, as well as lowering your engagement rate significantly. Your followers won’t interact with your posts, and an account with 50,000 followers but only 120 likes on each post is easy to spot. That’s what makes a strategy for buying likes so beneficial.

We know how to drive social media growth without risking your account or wasting your time and money. If you want fast and effective Instagram growth, then try out

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