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Our guarantee

Our goal is to create a lasting positive experience for our clients. If you find that the quality or delivery of your order doesn't meet your expectations, please inform us. We are committed to refunding any order that is not fulfilled to your satisfaction.

24/7 customer support

Our devoted customer support team is here around the clock. If you have any inquiries regarding our services or encounter any issues with your order, don't hesitate to get in touch with us without hesitation.

More than 23,000 customers trust us every day to deliver real Instagram followers.

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Dive into our FAQ to find solutions. Our trusted site delivers real Instagram followers to 20,000+ daily customers. Contact us for further help.

Should I buy Instagram followers?

Buy Instagram Followers

The number of people who follow you on social media can really change your profile.

A lot of people look at how many followers an account has before they decide to follow it.

This is called "showing acceptance" and can boost your brand's popularity on the platform.

When you buy from, it lets you get active followers with your purchase.

These fans will interact with your stuff and make people see your brand better on the platform. Thinking you're popular can often cause it to happen in real life.

Even if you're really good at what you do, people won't listen without enough fans to show it. Having many followers on Instagram is crucial for making your presence known. To grow your Instagram account, you could buy followers from Us.

If you are new or have fans, we can quickly help you get more followers. can also be used to buy Instagram likes.

How good are the followers on

buy real instagram followers

Having fake followers on Instagram is pointless since it could get you into trouble.

The main contrast lies between high-quality Instagram followers and cheap or low-quality ones.

At, our primary goal is to attract loyal followers who actively use Instagram for a long time.

When you buy followers, there is a phenomenon called "drop-off." As a result, you may see a brief rise in followers, but they usually vanish once the accounts are deleted. 

We know how important good services are, so we promise to give you a reliable service. You won't lose any of the followers you bought.

We offer two different tiers for you to choose from.

  • High-quality followers  — People with profile pictures but no other uploads.

  • Premium Followers — Users with profile pictures frequently post excellent quality content.

Our system helps you gain more followers on social media. These followers are real and won't disappear.

Unlike other social media marketing sites, we work with real people, not fake accounts. There are no exceptions to this rule.

Many people who use Instagram have noticed that they lose followers when they buy cheap Instagram followers.

Although rare, it can still happen in our ecosystem. However, we guarantee to replace any followers that drop off within 30 days of your order. 

That's why we have been the leading provider of all Instagram services since 2015.

After I place my order, how long does it take to process it?

buy 1000 instagram followers

When you place an order, our system assigns followers to your account. We do this slowly over a few days to avoid Instagram's spam detection.

We have created a unique algorithm for over 10 years to keep your account secure and prevent flags. The number of new followers you get depends on how many people already follow you and how many you want.

The faster your followers, the quicker we can complete your order. Our delivery time is the fastest.

How much does it cost to buy 1,000 Instagram followers?

Buy IG Followers

At, our top priority is to provide our customers with the best value for their money. The price of buying 1,000 Instagram followers can change depending on our current deals and package details.

Refer to the information above to stay updated on the latest prices and deals. Typically, you can expect to pay around $12.99 for 1000 followers on Instagram by using one of the packages.

Can you buy IG followers?

buy followers

At, we are proud to offer 100% authentic services. We provide real followers who engage with your posts. Unlike other platforms, we do not use fake followers. Our focus is on quality rather than quantity. This differentiates us from other Instagram follower services.

What are the advantages of purchasing Instagram followers?

instagram followers

Purchasing followers can do more than raise the number of followers on your profile. Improving your profile's credibility can increase your online presence. 

It can also get real followers and increase the chances of your content being shown in the "Explore" feed. In summary, it's a strategy that can lead to better brand recognition and growth.

How many followers can you buy at one time?

Our platform,, provides customized packages for your Instagram growth needs. Whether you're new or need a big boost, our packages have hundreds to tens of thousands of IG followers.

Can you buy Instagram followers for your business?

Yes! If you have a business or brand, being on Instagram can help people see and interact with you. offers real and engaged followers to promote your content to a broader audience. Many famous celebrities trust our services.

Do you want to buy it once or do you want to subscribe and pay regularly?

When you buy Instagram followers, it's a one-time payment. There are no recurring charges and you can choose when to buy again.

Can my account get banned if I buy followers?

If you buy fake followers on Instagram, your account may be flagged or banned. That's why we avoid spammy followers altogether.

All our followers are real users, so you won't get banned for using our service.

For many years, we have used this method and successfully grown thousands of accounts. We have never seen an account get banned for buying followers on

Which package is the best choice for me?

Our company provides various follower packages tailored to your brand's requirements.

Having more followers on Instagram can help more people see your posts and interact with you.

Before getting followers on social media, decide if you want high-quality or premium ones.

If you have a lot of followers and want to improve your account's performance, choose the high-quality package.

The premium package is perfect if you want to grow your account or have a new one with less than 5000 followers.

The premium package has a shallow drop-off lasting several years after your buy.

Both packages come in 500, 1000, 2500, or 5000 new followers per buy.

What information do I need to give?

Please provide us with your Instagram username. We do not need any other information at the moment.

We will never ask for your password or any personal or private information.

We accept major credit cards and PayPal (coming soon).

Why Should You Choose

A team of social media experts founded They have over 10 years of experience on different platforms. We are testing and improving our process to stay ahead of the competition.

Instagram influencers often use us to boost engagement rates.

We constantly test on Instagram to find the best follower speed for new orders. We use real users to ensure you don't face issues with Instagram's terms and conditions.

The impact of real followers exceeds bot-driven services or hashtag spam.

We are the top Instagram growth service. We have 100,000 happy customers every month. They prove we can help grow social media accounts well.

Are you still unsure? has been voted the best site to buy Instagram followers by several reputable sources, including Men's Journal303MagHowsociable, and AMNY.

Will people find out if I buy followers?

At, we focus on discretion in all our services. We understand how important privacy is when buying Instagram followers. Our process ensures only you know about it. Your confidentiality is our top priority, so you can rest assured that your secret is safe with us.

Do influencers, celebrities, and brands buy followers?

Many companies, celebrities, and influencers buy Instagram followers.

Many people try to grow their accounts naturally. However, some prefer to get a boost for more credibility and visibility.

Buying followers can help you grow your audience naturally later on. Your favorite Instagram celebrity or influencer has likely purchased followers from us.

How is different from other services that sell Instagram followers?

At, we emphasize providing genuine quality and ensuring your complete satisfaction. We are proud to provide genuine, engaged followers that can help your profile grow. Unlike other services, we do not offer fake or inactive followers.

You can contact our customer support anytime, day or night. We guarantee to give you top-notch Instagram followers that match your marketing goals.

During the delivery process, should I make my profile public?

To ensure a smooth delivery of your followers, keep your Instagram profile public. You can switch back to private once the delivery is complete.

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Purchasing followers gave my Instagram a much-needed boost. I saw an increase in profile activity almost immediately.
- Emily Turner
Gaining more followers really helped in amplifying my social media presence. It was a quick and effective solution.
- Michael Johnson
The decision to purchase Instagram followers was key in building my brand's online visibility.
- Sarah Brown
Boosting my Instagram profile with followers was a game-changer for my social media strategy.
- David Smith
Increasing my follower count made a significant difference in how popular my content became.
- Jessica Davis
Getting followers on Instagram helped me reach a broader audience. It's been great for engagement.
- Chris Wilson
Growing my Instagram audience was easier and faster with the followers I bought
- Laura Miller
Enhancing my reach on Instagram with more followers was very effective.
- James Anderson
Expanding my network on Instagram with additional followers really helped in making new connections.
- Anna Thompson
Amplifying my Instagram engagement was much more manageable with the increase in followers.
- Daniel Harris
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